OneDrive & OneDrive for Business: What’s the difference?

OneDrive is a Microsoft cloud solution that allows users to store and protect files. It connects you to all your files and lets you get to them from anywhere on any device, and even share them with others.

Signing up for a free Microsoft account gives you automatic access to OneDrive, with 5GB of free storage. 

However, there is another version of this cloud service called OneDrive for Business (ODFB).

What is OneDrive for Business? 

Although one could assume this simply is the ’’For Business’’ version with a few extra features, what it is and what it does has nothing to do with OneDrive. 

ODFB is part of Office 365 and is designed especially for organizations. It lets them collaborate on work files with team members. Site admins can provide collaborators with personal storage space that is managed from a central location.

Just like the basic version of OneDrive, ODFB gives each team member their own storage place. However, the difference lies in the platform that is used to offer the service: SharePoint. 

To create their own SharePoint Sites, everyone in the organization uses their Active Directory (AD) account or Office 365 to log in.

One Drive vs. One Drive for Business 

OneDrive vs. OneDrive for Business comparison table

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