Power your digital transformation: Microsoft Productivity Score

Digital transformation has been made a priority by business leaders. When the pandemic struck, during the first quarter of this year, it went from being a matter of significance, to one of absolute survival. We had to adopt and accept modern technologies. COVID-19 forced us into the age of all digital.

To keep up with the speed of constant update and create more sustainable companies to face potential challenges that may continue coming, we need to learn new ways to evolve hand in hand with digital transformation itself.

Jared Spataro, Corporate Vice President for Microsoft 365, suggests that:

”It’s the companies’ leaders responsibility to assure their employees have access to useful tools during these and future times that will continue to demand a constant digital update”

Productivity Score Insights

Productivity Score is powered by Microsoft Graph data, to provide helpfully insights that help with the quantification of any current companies’ situation. It also uses metrics with the ultimate technology to achieve better outcomes.

Even though every digital transformation is different, we can always resume it to people and technology.

People are every corporation’s most important asset and providing them with ways to adapt to new working dynamics will result in a succesfull transformation. On the other hand, technology works as the facilitator to achieve these digital migration goals.

Productivity Score leverages Microsoft 365‘s depth and scope to give you insights into how the company operates. As well as, where adjustments can and should be made, and what steps you can follow, to upgrade skills and processes so that everyone can perform their best work.

This shows you the interactions of people across five categories:

  • Content Collaboration
  • Meetings
  • Communication
  • Teamwork
  • Mobility


With Productivity Score insights, we can also improve experiences gradually, with proactive recognition of issues and ways to adress them beforehand.

Likewise, with the new teamwork category, Productivity Score identifies different areas where you can provide your employees anticipated training for full use of the tools.


Remember that, digital transformation goes beyond using the latest applications. It’s about keeping your team trained and engaged, while getting to know the tools you set up in place, and how they serve your company’s growth.