PowerPoint Presenter Coach: New advice features for the perfect virtual presentation

We are social beings, which is why we’re always looking for ways to communicate. Presentations have been part of our educational and working life for a long time now, whether it’s either to pitch a new product or to present a final project. 

There are plenty of articles and talks about how to give the perfect presentation, considering the preparation of visual aids, personal image, where to stand and how to walk-through space, among other things. 

 In 2019, the PowerPoint Presenter Coach was released to the market, to help users improve their presenting skills, with features such as rehearse recording and providing feedback on aspects like timing and pace. 

However, with all the sudden changes 2020 brought, we found ourselves in an urge to adapt to virtual presentations. Microsoft provides tools and apps that help us with optimization and efficiency. 

As a product of all these changes, Microsoft released 3 new features for PowerPoint Presenter Coach, adapting them to the needs for an all-digital presentation.  


Three new advice features in Presenter Coach on PowerPoint 


Presenter Coach body language1. Body language 

Body language is just as important in a virtual presentation as it is in a traditional one. But, of course, with other aspects to consider.  

This feature ensures that your audience has a clear view of your face, and that you make eye contact with them. Also, that the distance between you and your camera is adequate for you to deliver an appealing presentation. 


2. Repetitive language Presenter Coach repetitive language

Using the same words or phrases multiple times during a presentation may be distracting, and in most cases, we’re not aware of this. 

This feature recognizes if you use repetitive words or phrases during a rehearsal. It then provides a listing of these; alongside a list of synonyms, you can use them to reduce repetitiveness.   


3. Pronunciation Presenter Coach pronunciation

Presenter Coach can also advise you about pronunciation, (keep in mind that the feedback on this feature is optimized for the ‘’General American English language’’). It’ll provide you with a recording of the word(s) pronunciation, and you can listen to it as many times as you consider necessary.  This feature is optional and can be deactivated.


These 3 additions are available in Presenter Coach on PowerPoint for web. 

Presenter Coach’s main goal is to help you improve your presenting skills, providing you with useful and actionable feedback. 


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