Quality of Service (QoS) in Microsoft Teams


Microsoft Teams has undeniably emerged as a protagonist in the digital landscape over the past two years, boasting millions of daily users. As organizations increasingly rely on this collaborative platform, it becomes paramount to prioritize and consistently optimize the services provided to employees. This is precisely where Quality of Service (QoS) takes center stage.

Why Quality of Service in Teams?

Microsoft Teams, functioning as a centralized hub for video conferencing, phone calls, chats, and document storage, juggles myriad activities, departments, and users. Depending on your bandwidth, network delays, particularly in voice or video streams, may pose a challenge. However, there’s no need for your workforce to endure the inconvenience, as such disruptions can significantly impact workflow efficiency. Enter Quality of Service (QoS), a solution that ensures video streams and voice features are given priority over other non-urgent traffic, preventing disruptions in calls, ensuring clear communication, and eliminating delays in conferences.

Implement Quality of Service in Teams

For organizations seeking to enhance their Teams experience through QoS, a strategic approach is crucial. Begin by assessing your general bandwidth, ensuring it aligns with Microsoft Teams Network requirements detailed here. The implementation process involves:

  1. Review and Select QoS Implementation Method: Explore Team Venti’s knowledge base article on Teams Quality of Service to choose the most suitable implementation method for your organization.

  2. Choose Port Ranges Using DSCP: Select initial port ranges for each media type, keeping in mind the intricacies of packet prioritization.

  3. Seek Professional Assistance: Collaborate with a Microsoft Partner or specialist to navigate the QoS implementation process. Certified support and ongoing solutions will ensure a seamless integration.

  4. Ensure Business Availability: Entrust the implementation of QoS in Teams to reliable hands. Guarantee your business’s availability and connectivity by scheduling a meeting with an expert today. Learn about the next steps to elevate your Teams experience.


Optimize resources and focus on your business goals with our Microsoft Managed IT Services

Managed IT Services, guidance & support
business man in an online meeting Microsoft Teams

Optimize resources and focus on your business goals with our Microsoft Managed IT Services

Managed IT Services, guidance & support

As Microsoft Teams continues to evolve as a linchpin in collaborative work environments, optimizing its performance is not just a consideration but a necessity. Quality of Service emerges as the indispensable solution to mitigate network disruptions, enhance communication, and ultimately elevate the overall Teams experience. Don’t leave the implementation of QoS to chance—secure the expertise needed to ensure your organization’s success in the digital realm. Schedule a meeting with an expert today and empower your Teams for the future.

Aranza Peralta

Aranza Peralta

Team Venti Brand Manager

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