Restricted access to Microsoft Teams data via EWS 

Exchange Web Services (EWS) is an Application Program Interface (API) that provides access to Exchange data located in Exchange Online mailboxes. With this, you are able to develop customizable apps that can be used according to your organization’s needs. Nevertheless, Microsoft discovered that over time, 3rd party apps are accessing Teams messages through EWS. As a result, Microsoft is implementing restricted access to Teams data via EWS.

Announcement upon restricted access to Teams data via EWS

Microsoft noticed that third-party apps are accessing Microsoft Teams data, which presents itself as a risk of code failure. This situation is completely unsupported by Microsoft. As a solution, Microsoft will start restricting access via EWS to Teams message data, starting effective on September 30th, 2022. Access to Teams data is only supported by Microsoft Graph API (which is on preview now). In addition, if your organization needs to access or export Teams messages, you may reach them by using Teams Export APIs. 

Assistance on Exchange Online

If you are concerned about the next steps your organization should take regarding EWS and your mailboxes, do not hesitate to contact a Team Venti specialist. We will surely guide you happily. For further information, let us introduce you to Venti Exchange, our sister brand that focuses on different Microsoft services and products. Not only that, but it also provides premium assistance, being a certified Microsoft Gold partner and CSP.