Skype for Business Online retires in July 2021

Although Skype has been part of our communication and collaboration needs since 2003, even the greatest things must end. Microsoft announced the retirement of Skype for Business Online, for this July 2021.

In this blog post, we want to share with you a few things you must know before the time comes. Will you be ready or not ready?


If you are a Skype for Business Online costumer, it’s likely that you’ve deployed Microsoft Teams before (if it’s either with Select or Overlapping Capabilities). These consumers are already moving gradually from one platform to another, making it a smooth transition. 

The coexistent and upgrade settings may help to make it an even smoother one, with several options to make it as seamless as possible for the users. 

If your organization is in this stage, you’re almost there! However, you’re still on time to double-check technical and organizational readiness. 

Ready for the retirement of Skype for Business Online

Automated upgrades 

Microsoft announced automated upgrades to Teams for some Skype for Business Online customers. If you’re scheduled for this program, you’ll receive reminders on the Microsoft 365 Message Center and Teams Admin Center. 

Automated upgrades - Skype for Business Online


Not ready 

If you’re still a little lost in this process, it’s understandable. Plenty of things have changed this past year. Priorities, strategies, and resources were impacted by the events we experienced 

Not ready - Skype for Business Online retiring

However, this is no reason to worry. There have been cases in which organizations have successfully migrated from Skype for Business to Teams in a matter of months. 

Nevertheless, it is important for your organization to start planning as soon as possible, to arrange all possible technical, user and process scenarios. 

Microsoft provided resources to guide you through this process.  


*Note: Skype versions that are operated by 21Vianet will not be affected by this retirement. 

Each organization has unique needs and objectives. Having a Microsoft Partner by your side may be more convenient. 

Although saying goodbye to this platform might get into our feelings, it’s safe to say that we’re left in particularly good hands. Microsoft Teams can only do so much for your company’s collaboration and communication needs. 

skype into teams

If you want to know more about what we can do to help with your communication and collaboration services, do not hesitate to contact us!

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