Special Features on Microsoft Teams 

Congratulations if you have already started your journey though Microsoft Teams. If you have questions on how to start a meeting, how to make a video or audio call in Teams, we recommend you get started with this article. If you are already familiar with the best collaboration hub, you might as well enjoy the unique features that Microsoft Teams has to improve your experience in the app. 

Turn a conversation into a meeting with just a click

Start a meeting from a chat 

For many organizations, having an instant video call option is essential. In Microsoft Teams you can turn conversations into meetings by simply:

  1. Select the camera/phone icon in a new conversation
  2. Select camera/phone icon in an existing conversation


You may also include other members of your organization once the meeting starts. 

Join a meeting that has already started

When a meeting that you were invited to starts, automatically you will get a notification. 

  1. Select Join to log in to the meeting. 


How to share screen on Teams

Sharing Desktop, Screen, App, or File on Teams

Sharing your screen during a meeting presentation is crucial to get a full engagement. From business presentations to school projects, you may enjoy the great features Teams has for you. Following these easy steps to present your screen at a meeting:

  1. Click Share in your meeting controls. 
  2. Then, select if you want to share your whole screen or a specific window. 
  3. You may share your whole screen, a specific app, or a specific tab or document. 


You can also select more options and record the meeting by selecting the three dots icon. You will be notified when the video is ready so you can view, edit, and share with others. 


Share PowerPoint slides in a meeting

Presentations are not complete without PowerPoint. If you choose to share a PowerPoint file in a meeting (rather than share your whole desktop) meeting participants will be able to:

  • Move around different slides without interrupting the main presentation
  • Synchronize their view back to the presenter’s flow with just one click

How to Share PowerPoint Presentations in Microsoft Teams meeting?

  1. Click on Share in your meeting controls
  2. In the PowerPoint section, browse and select the file. Usually, the last PowerPoint presentations you opened or edited in SharePoint or OneDrive will appear first.

Give and take control during a sharing screen session

Give control allows assistants in the meeting to share screen, charge files, present. The person who created the meeting is the default presenter, but can give control by:

1. Going into meeting options > Who can present > Select between Everyone / People in my organization / Specific People / Only me or co-organizers

2. Go to People > Select the person you want to give control > Click on the More > Select Make presenter

When taking control, you must ask the meeting creator for permission by going to request control. The person sharing will allow you to make selections, edits, and other modifications to the shared screen. 

Zoom into shared content

Sometimes there may be situations where you want to zoom in to content to take a better look. Follow these simple steps to zoom in or out during a Teams call. 

  • Option 1. Pinch in or out in your trackpad
  • Option 2. Use the keyboard shortcuts Ctrl + (+) and Ctrl + –
  • Option 3. Hold the Ctrl key and scroll with your mouse.

These are some of the many great things users in organization can benefit from. Are you ready to enhance your meeting experience at work? Contact us to help you start your Microsoft Teams journey.