Streamline your day in the hybrid workplace with Workflows in Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams became a de facto tool in 2020 during the first few months of the pandemic. Many organizations trusted its technology to provide structure, connection, and allow people to collaborate simultaneously. Schools, manufacturing business and even the healthcare industry thrived in its ecosystem. Using Teams features has improved operations of many organizations to the highest level. 

Now that remote and hybrid work have come to stay, Workflows in Teams have become essential for teammates to track their workdays, while improving communication and productivity. Using Power Automate, your team may enjoy workflow templates that will give structure to any project, task, or assignment with just a few clicks. 

Benefits of using Workflows in Microsoft Teams

 One of the many benefits of using Workflows in Teams are the rapid understanding and sequence of any chore, prioritization of “to-do’s”, data sharing, and clearance for approvals. Let’s explore them further. 

Task tracking

Deadlines can be tormentors without the proper structure. When working on projects at Microsoft Teams’ workflows, you allow your coworkers to be in full control and notice of their status of any task. High volume tasks distributed by Workflow’s templates will allow constant follow up, messaging, and notifications through different assigned channels (such as OneNote or email). 

Time management

Having a seamless transition to hybrid work is possible with the use of Microsoft Teams Workflows. Scheduling your workday and including all the people involved in a specific task will upgrade the fast execution of any assignment. 

Email prioritization

Having a full inbox can be confusing and messy at times. Urgent emails might get lost in a sea of non-essential emails and hinder your fast response. Allow Workflow with the Notification category to forward emails to a Teams channel so that you’re always aware of your project, no matter when the message comes in. 

Data protection

No matter the type of organization, we encourage you to constantly monitor your data. This will provide you with insights that can be crucial for decision-making. The Approval workflow category lets streamline any request and processes of your partners. It also gives a full notion of the current project status. 

Collaboration and data collection

Connection and collaboration in projects, assignments or tasks doesn’t have to be an unpleasant activity. Workflows allow all teams to thrive and enforce a positive team culture. One of the many benefits Workflows provide is that you can follow up using PowerBI report alerts for any new file added to a specific SharePoint folder. 

Microsoft Teams is a complete tool that will let your organization improve its productivity and performance. Using Workflows will upgrade your working experience to the max level. Do you want to learn more about how to get the most out of it? Book a meeting with one of the expert today to learn how to automate your business processes.