Support your frontline workforce in a hybrid world

According to research performed by Bain & Company, only 22% of frontline workers feel connected to others in the company. Whether your organization is part of the retail, financial services, government, or healthcare industry:

How can you support them and make them feel included? 

Connect with your frontline workforce 

Frontline employees often feel disconnected because they don’t have direct communication with the head office. Sometimes they don’t even know who they are working with. 

According to research from Gallup, companies have a 10% increase in customer loyalty and 23% higher profitability when their workforce is engaged. 

Connecting our entire workforce is critical to work together on shared goals. This is possible with tools and platforms like Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Viva.

Provide the right tools 

Self-serving shift scheduling, reducing paper-based processes, and allowing virtual visits is possible with apps like Shifts and Approvals inside Microsoft Teams. 

Providing frontline employees with the right tools for flexibility will allow them to thrive in the hybrid work era. 

Provide the right knowledge 

Now that you have provided your frontline workforce with the right tools, empower them by giving them the right knowledge to use them. 

Make sure they can easily reach the right people, find the right data, and share smart insights in order to make educated decisions and reports. 

‘’When they have the right information at the right time, they can make the right decisions for your business and your customer’’ – Emma Williams, Corporate Vice President, Modern Work Transformations, 2021 

Regardless of the industry our organization belongs to, Team Venti can help your frontline workforce thrive in the hybrid work era, with our expertise and Microsoft Technology best practices. 

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