Team Venti’s Delivery Methodology

In a world that’s constantly changing, businesses and CEO’s have had to find a way to adapt. Not only to not stay behind, but to be capable of sustaining their rhythm of growth. 

Technology has played a key role in both the rhythm of the changes, and helping us to keep track of them. If your company’s either working completely remote, hybrid, or still on-premises, technology’s one of your biggest allies.  

Nevertheless, migrating processes and changing the way we work (especially if it involves technology), might be overwhelming; businesses need to decide whether to be proactive or reactive to change. Having an IT partner can help make this process smoother, easier and with better results.  

Each company has its own needs and objectives, which is why Team Venti´s Delivery Methodology allows us to be there for our customers in any stage of the way. From planning, to deploying, to maintaining or optimizing custom IT solutions. 

The 4 stages of Team Venti’s Delivery Methodology


The first stage of this methodology is without a doubt the most important one. This is where Team Venti and your team have discovery sessions to better understand where you are now, where you want to go, and the overall needs of the company. After the discovery session our team designs a strategic plan for your specific business needs. 

In a few words, in the planning stage we assess your requirements, then define and design a plan to achieve your objectives and get the best results for your company. 

Plan Stage - Team Venti Delivery Methodology


In the first stage we decide, in the second stage we act on the plan. 

The deploy stage is where both teams work together to apply the strategies that were planned. Set-up, adjustments, training, backup, and configurations are done. Our support is available for your team in every aspect of the plan. 

Deploy Stage

Extend and optimize

This third stage is about customizing the existing environment (like infrastructure if you are on-premises).  

As mentioned at the beginning of this article, the world is constantly changing, and so are we. After some time of planning and deploying, a company can grow new needs or envision new objectives 

In this case, Team Venti can help with extending and/or optimizing your existing environment. Either to add new features, automated processes, or optimize services for cost efficiency.

Extend and optimize stage - Team Venti Delivery Methodology


‘’In the Maintain phase you are assuring continuous support for your Microsoft solutions. Whether that’s with BI dashboards, 24/7 admin support, or even helpdesk assistance providing end-user support. In this phase you are setting yourself up for success, with a Microsoft Gold Partner by your side’’ – Andy Sanchez, Team Venti Inside Sales Specialist

Maintain Stage

With Team Venti as your IT partner, you can deploy cloud-first, remote-first Microsoft solutions. Let us help you take your company to the next level!  

If you have any questions or want to book a meeting, do not hesitate to contact us.