The SharePoint App Bar

The time of searching and getting lost among all the information will no longer be part of your daily challenges. With the SharePoint app bar, you can empower teamwork, quickly find information, and seamlessly collaborate across the organization.

We want you to get the most out of each Microsoft’s environments, so this time we bring you a quick guide to boost your browsing experience within SharePoint.

Your app bar experience

The app bar features global navigation and personalized feeds that will help users navigate, find content and resources no matter what site of the intranet they visit.

You can enable the navigation and home site quickly. They’re available in the menu located on the left side of the screen.


Let’s explore each button!

Global navigator

Let Microsoft Graph help you work dynamically by displaying and updating personalized content for your sites, news, and files. You just must enable and customize Global navigation in the SharePoint app bar. You can customize its logo, title, and source depending on your users’ and organization’s needs.

My sites

For your day-to-day activities you need quick and personalized access to your relevant content and links. In My Sites you can find the content you are following and frequently accessing to.


My News

My News uses Microsoft Graph to look for content that is relevant to you. This brings all the new stories of your interest to the top.


My Files

My Files provides you a quick view of all the recent files you have been working on. To maintain consistency in the tools and services you experience every day, you can find a similar view available in OneDrive and Microsoft Teams. This enables quick access to the most important content you need no matter where you are.



The SharePoint app bar will only appear on modern sites and pages. We highly recommend modernizing classic sites not only to display the SharePoint app bar but for a more consistent user experience. Learn more about how to modernize classic SharePoint sites and pages.

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