Top 10 best new Microsoft Teams features 2022

As we know, Teams is Microsoft’s all-in-one, powerful collaboration hub. For some time now, it has brought together people, tasks, messages, calls, video, and other tools that enhance the working experience. Overall, over a quarter of a million people use Microsoft Teams, making it the most popular business communication service in the world. Altogether, Microsoft is constantly updating and looking for improvements in its products, which brings into the best new Teams features. 

If you’re looking to improve your organization’s productivity, here we present the top 10 best Microsoft Teams features that will help you get the most out of it. 

1. LinkedIn integration

Connect with people directly from 1:1 Teams chats to view their LinkedIn profile. Just go to the LinkedIn tab on the chat.

2. Collaboration controls

Thanks to the new forms of collaboration controls to Power Apps, Microsoft 365 suite is now integrated into Power Apps apps. 

3. In-app purchases

Upgrade your licensing seamlessly directly from Microsoft Teams.

4. Live share and loop

Take the next step in collaboration and co-create content in real time during your meetings.

5. Teams store discoverability

An easier way to navigate through the Teams store is ahead, using context from talks to improve app discoverability. 

6. Echo cancellation and de-reverberation

To improve poor room acoustics and suppress background noises, this feature will cancel any echo or sounds that may compromise your video calls and voice calls. 

7. Pin message extensions for end-users by IT Administrator

Accessible to all users through the compose bar, administrators can pin message extensions for end-users and tenants. 

8. Communicate with everyone in your organization

Dare to create and communicate with five organization-wide teams inside the app.

9. Share Teams channels with customers, clients, and partners

Cross business collaboration is common, that is why this new feature will allow your workflow with clients, partners, and other organizations to proceed successfully (to be released). 

10. New Live Share

Forget about simple screen sharing and allow meeting’s participants to experience the new way of editing and working during a call.

Provide your collaborators with the right tools and features to upgrade your organization’s workflow. Interested in getting Microsoft Teams? Talk with one of our experts today.