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If there is a platform that best reflects Microsoft’s philosophy on empowering people, that is Microsoft Power Platform. Microsoft Power Apps are moving (professional and non-professional) developers all around the globe.  

What are Microsoft Power Apps capabilities? 

‘’Power Apps is a data platform, as well as a suite of apps, services, and connectors, which provide an easy development environment to build custom apps for your business’’

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According to The Total Economic Impact of Power Apps by Forrester Consulting, there was a 74% reduction in app development costs in 2020. 


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Microsoft Power Apps Capabilities 

  • Create the Apps you need without limitations 

With the unified designer in Power Apps, anyone in an organization can create apps for the web and for mobile devices. Regardless of one’s expertise on the matter, rapidly create Business Apps with advanced AI functionalities.  

  • AI in Apps with AI Power Apps Studio 

Power Apps developers can now use AI with AI Power Apps Studio. This tool provides the capability to quickly create Apps with AI, using natural language. 

  • Connect professional developers to business experts 

Power Apps Portals focus on enhancing the professional development for creators.  Power App Developers can access shared knowledge and compare their experiences with other developers around the world.  Your organization can gain a competitive advantage by linking all your data with Microsoft Power Apps. For more information about licensing and plans, read this article.  If you are ready to buy or want a personalized consultation with one of our certified licensing experts, book a meeting today.    



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