What’s new in Microsoft 365

We are no strangers to technology. During the last decade, it became the standardized way to connect with people. In the chaotic events of 2020, Microsoft 365 came to unify teams, improve collaboration, and optimize communication in tough times. In fact, during the lockdown era, almost two billion global frontline workers and 90% of organizations faced the immense challenge of maintaining operations. Then and now, Microsoft 365 upgrades not only let organizations maintain their duties, but also enable productivity and boost efficiency. 

As we know, hybrid modalities will play a key role soon. Microsoft 365 solutions and its new upgrades can help you find the perfect balance and meet the needs of both people working in person and remote workers. 

Empowering frontline workers with Microsoft 365

The true heroes of this era are frontline workers. Not only did they help the economy remain afloat and communities resist the pandemic, but also while bearing health risks, supply chain issues, and labor shortages. That’s why Microsoft developed modern technologies that will allow workers to prosper during these changing times.

  • Microsoft Viva Connections in Microsoft Teams, included in Microsoft 365 plans with SharePoint, keeps everyone in the team connected, informed, and engaged in the everyday labor. These interactions consist of fast and easy access to any company data, all in one place. 
  • To enhance communication within frontline workers, Microsoft, with a stupendous partnership with Zebra, developed a new Walkie Talkie app in Microsoft Teams, with availability on any iOS device. 
  • Deliver your workers’ schedule seamlessly with the new Teams’ integration with Reflexis Workforce Scheduler (RWS).

Create content that everyone can use

Several updates have been applied in both Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams to make everybody feel included regardless of their circumstances. 

  • With Accessibility Checker, you can review any Word, Excel, and PowerPoint file easily.
  • Alternative text provides extra information and descriptions for images shared in Microsoft Teams Chat. 
  • With Live Transcript, you won’t have to worry if you missed a meeting. 

Increasing productivity with new features in your favorite apps

  • Microsoft Viva Learning will now synchronize with Learning Managing Systems (LMS) such as SAP SuccessFactors, Cornerstone on Demand, and Saba Cloud. Employees using Teams will get notified whenever they receive a new assignment, and a reminder of its due date. 
  • With the new Visio capabilities, your organization will thrive in the hybrid work era. Share, edit, and collaborate diagrams in your commercial Microsoft 365 subscription.

There are plenty of reasons to unlock your organization’s potential using any of the new upgrades Microsoft is running. If you book a free consultation, we will be delighted to guide you step by step to acquire the best Microsoft product for you.