Why your company should use OneDrive for Business and SharePoint

One Drive for business (ODFB) is part of the Microsoft 365 subscription-based services and it guarantees businesses share and have control over their own important documents. In today’s article, we are going to talk about the reasons why we think OneDrive for Business and SharePoint are the best options for data sharing and collaborative work.

1. Sharing is Caring

OneDrive and SharePoint make the process of sharing easier, faster, and more effective. ODFB gives your company the opportunity to hold address books filled with contacts for your comfortable collaboration.

2. Less heart attacks

These two platforms give businesses a second chance. Since ODFB and SharePoint have two-staged recycling bins, ow companies have a 30-day period in which they can decide whether to fully delete data or recover it.

3. Wide data storage

Regular OneDrive and SharePoint users get 5GB of data storage when the business version enables all its users with 1TB of data storage.

4. Editing History

You are now able to see all past versions of a document while on OneDrive and SharePoint. This gives more control regarding the follow-up of projects.

5. Remote Working

Now all you need is the ability to access a web browser to get the same features that OneDrive, SharePoint, and Office Online desktop version gives you.

6. Automatic Saving

Save as you go with OneDrive, SharePoint, and Office Online apps. Do not worry about losing all your progress, automatic saving got you.

7. Live Collaboration

Work simultaneously with all your colleagues and employees. Do not miss an important idea and quit getting lost in translation.

8. Efficient emailing

OneDrive and SharePoint are linked to Outlook and Calendar, which gives your employees the opportunity to convert documents into emails.

9. Ongoing availability

Since all these services are now apps too, one can also operate Microsoft 365 through Android and IOS devices.

10. All in one

Microsoft 365 is an integrated suite that allows companies to navigate, handle, control and organize their files. Making the user have an easier and complete work experience.

OneDrive For Business and SharePoint have various features that benefit companies since it is specially designed for it, book a meeting today with one of our experts and learn more about it.