8 new Microsoft Teams features for secure collaboration

Since last year, about 80% of companies around the world implemented remote work derived from the COVID-19 pandemic. It is expected that by the end of 2025, 70% of the workforce will be working remotely at least five days a month.

As organizations allow a significant part of the workforce to remain remote, cybersecurity, collaboration and productivity will become an even greater concern for national and multi-national companies.

Microsoft reinforces its commitment to helping customers protect content and meet compliance obligations by offering a broad portfolio of tools and expanding advanced security capabilities. Check out the 8 new security, privacy, and compliance Microsoft Teams features for chat and collaboration solutions.


Multi-Geo Support in Microsoft Teams

Team members location is no longer an obstacle to good collaboration.

As of April 2021, Microsoft Teams will now support Multi-Geo capabilities, like tools like Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, and OneDrive Multi-Geo.

Microsoft 365 Multi-Geo provides greater control to organizations over the location of specific data centers where their data is stored, especially helpful for multi-national organizations. 

Now employees can experience collaboration features that they couldn’t exploit in Microsoft Teams due to their local data storage needs.


Source: Microsoft


Microsoft Teams is getting end-to-end encryption option

For privacy-conscious users, Microsoft is getting end-to-end encryption (E2EE) support for Teams 1:1 ad hocVoIP calls. Calls will be available in the first half of this year for commercial customers having as a first purpose help with sensitive online conversations.


Meeting safety controls

  1. To help prevent uninvited participants from gaining access to meetings, Microsoft Teams has introduced a new lobby setting available in Teams Meeting Options where only meeting participants who were explicity invited to the meeting can join it directly.

    Source: Microsoft


  2. Later this spring, meeting organizers will be able to disable the video of an individual or all atendees within a meeting helping to run a meeting with more control and better manage undesired disruptions.
  3.  To help users and meeting organizers to maintain control, organizers will have the ability to moderate the meeting chat.  


Co-authoring enabled in encrypted documents using Office Apps 

When more than one person collaborates on the same document, it is a priority to maintain security to protect company information. As a collabooration solutioin, co-authoring allows multiple authors to simultaneously edit a document using different OS platforms, as well as the Office desktop apps, Office web apps, and Teams.


Safe Links for Microsoft Teams

Later this month, users now leverage the power of Safe Links to help protect end users against potential malicious sites shared through Teams conversations. 

Safe Links is a feature in Microsoft Defender for Office 365 that helps provide URL seining and time-of-click verification of URLs in links shared through email messages and other locations across Office 365.



Source: Microsoft


Customer Key in Teams for secure collaboration

Available now in public preview for Teams, Microsoft 365 supports encryption in transit and at rest which provides multiple layers of encryption to work together to secure data. For organizations who may need more control over key arrangement requirements due to compliance obligations, Customer Key allows an organization to provide and control encryption keys. 


Microsoft 365 compliance capabilities for Adaptive Card content

With Teams being the hub for collaboration, they bring together apps and services that we also need to help ensure are protected and handled appropriately. More than 70% of the apps today generate card content in Teams conversations.  

Microsoft 365 compliance capabilities are available for Adaptive Card content generated through apps in Teams messages! 


Security integration with Azure Sentinel and Secure Score

To help IT and scoops teams proactively detect intrusions and respond appropriately, Teams integrate with Azure Sentinel to deliver intelligent security analytics and intelligence across the enterprise. 

For instance, if Sentinel identifies a user account completing a large amount of suspicious activity, Sentinel can detect these items, automatically open a ticket, post an alert to your Teams security operations channel, and give your scoops team ability to act right away.


Source: Microsoft


If you have any doubt about the new Microsoft Teams collaboration and security capabilities, please, contact us, our experts are ready to help. 


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