Benefits of the BlueSky MS Teams Contact Center

Benefits of the BlueSky Microsoft Teams Contact Center

Your organization probably already uses Microsoft Teams for business communications, and until now, it has been a cost-effective solution, as well as a game changer for effective collaboration. Nevertheless, when you began to evaluate improving customer service and brand reputation with a MS Teams Contact Center, you may have found a hindrance in the functionalities that Teams provides to strengthen these aspects.

Call reports, analytics, and the right management tool are crucial pieces to boost processes, training, and compliance for achieving excellent customer service at every step of the journey. It is not new that data is gold, so, if you are looking to boost your MS Teams environment, improve productivity, and deliver seamless customer experiences, read on to learn the main benefits of the BlueSky Contact Center.

Benefits of leveraging the BlueSky UC’s Microsoft Teams call center reporting

1. Maximize agents’ performance and improve processes

Managing the BlueSky Contact Center is easier and takes less time, which results in simpler onboarding and training. Therefore, you will have all your communication needs merged into one single hub, which will save valuable time for your agents. As a supervisor, having a unified global view of the overall performance of your team will maximize productivity and reduce frictions during customer experiences.

Live-call-wallboard- contact center for Microsoft teams

2. Gain visibility, transparency, and insights

Identify opportunities for improvement with detailed reporting and dashboards that display calls metrics by day, month, or year, and metrics of handled and un-handled calls by agent.

In addition, supervisors have access to a Call X-Ray report that allows to visualize the actions that a call took, step by step until call termination. Supervisors can filter by date range, skills, agents, and type of call.

Enhanced-call-reporting Contact Center for Microsoft Teams environment

3. Modernize your businesses while standardizing all company communications

The BlueSky Contact Center was built using the native Microsoft Communication APIs, consequently it performs naturally within the Microsoft Teams environment, which makes collaboration between team members more effective and seamless.

A native solution will allow your organization to standardize all company communications on a single platform and lead to a reduction in overhead costs, increased workforce efficiency, detailed insights, and omnichannel customer experience.

The BlueSky Contact Center for Microsoft Teams

Modernize your operations and standardize all company communications on a single platform

The BlueSky Contact Center for Microsoft Teams

Modernize your operations and standardize all company communications on a single platform

Start today with a MS Teams Contact Center

In conclusion, a native MS Teams Contact Center is an efficient way to improve customer engagement and increase productivity. If you are considering enabling a new contact center solution due to the constraints of your current technology, we can help you. Request a demo today or buy Microsoft Teams Contact Center Licensing here.

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