Introducing the BlueSky Contact Center for Microsoft Teams

Introducing the BlueSky Contact Center for Microsoft Teams

For global organizations that have adopted Microsoft Teams for their cloud communications, integrating contact center capabilities has become a common need. Contact Center capabilities are essential to enhance your customer experience and build brand loyalty. The need for modern communication solutions is more significant than ever, and the key to achieving this is by providing consistent and secure customer experiences.

If you are a first-time adopter and are looking to modernize your organization’s communication management, we have some great news for you! We are thrilled to announce the launch of the BlueSky Contact Center for Microsoft Teams – a simpler, native solution specifically designed for small and midsize organizations.

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Why the BlueSky Contact Center for Microsoft Teams?

For small and midsize organizations, the BlueSky Contact Center for Microsoft Teams is a game-changer. Built exclusively using Microsoft Teams voice technology, Teams bots, and Graph API, this platform offers a modern and efficient communications management experience.

It includes features like screen pop with third-party application integration, reporting and analytics, custom call routing, and real-time wallboards.

With excellent technical support, businesses can extend Teams Enterprise Voice to their call centers and become more responsive to customer needs.

At glance, its attributes:

  • User-friendly UI​
  • Supervisor dashboard​
  • One week from kick off to go live

the bluesky contact center for Microsoft teams platform

Benefits of BlueSky UC’s Mcrosoft Contact Center solution

1. Extend Teams Enterprise Voice to your call center​

2. Manage performance activity​

  • Real-time wallboard​
  • Supervisor dashboard​
  • Reports & analytics​

3. Become more responsive to customers​

Sidekick screen pop connected to your CRM, Helpdesk or line of business applications

the bluesky contact center for Microsoft teams sidekick

The BlueSky Contact Center for Microsoft Teams

Modernize your operations and standardize all company communications on a single platform

The BlueSky Contact Center for Microsoft Teams

Modernize your operations and standardize all company communications on a single platform

Microsoft Teams Contact Center features

Feature NameFunctionBenefit 
General Calls ReportDisplays data on the number of calls received, the duration of calls, the time and date of calls, the phone numbers of callers, the skills of agents who handled calls, and the status of calls, such as answered or missedTrack and analyze phone system activity in a more granular and meaningful way. By filtering the data based on specific criteria, your organization can gain insights into the performance of their agents, the effectiveness of their call routing strategy, and the needs of their customers.
User call reportProvides detailed information about calls made by specific users within an organization. The information includes the number of calls made by each user, the duration of the calls, and the phone numbers of the callersMonitor individual user performance, identify training needs, and improve call quality
Auto attendant call reportDisplays detailed information about how many calls were answered, how many were abandoned, and how long callers waited before being connected to a live personTrack data on call volume, wait times, and call routing, to improve customer service, reduce wait times and minimize call drops.
Call queue call reportProvides data on the number of calls in the queue, the average wait time for callers, and the number of calls abandoned by customersAllows real-time monitoring and management of call center performance for optimized staffing levels
Agents ReportProvides detailed information about calls handled by call center agents. The information includes the number of calls handled by each agent, the duration of the calls, and other metricsMonitor agent performance, identify training needs, and improve call center operations
Missed CallsProvides information on calls that rang but the caller hung up before an agent answered. The information includes the number of missed calls, their date and time, as well as the caller’s phone number and waiting locationIdentify patterns in missed calls, adjust staffing levels, and improve customer service
Live Call WallboardDisplays live information about incoming calls in the contact centerMonitor in real time the call load and agents’ performance to improve customer service and better decision making.
Track abandoned callsDisplays calls that were hanged before ringing on agentsEnsure wide accessibility of agents who are available to manage the call load by monitoring abandoned call rate
Not handled callsDisplays information about calls that were not answered or handled by an agent. This report track data on the number of Not Handled calls, the time and date they occurred, and the agents who were assigned to answer them. It includes all types of calls, such as missed, answered, and callbacks.Identify areas where there may be staffing or training gaps, or where processes may need to be adjusted. This can help ensure that all calls are answered promptly and that customers receive the best possible service.
Dropped CallsShows all calls that were connected with an agent, but the call duration was equal to or less than 5 seconds. No matter if the call ended on either the caller’s or agent’s sideGain visibility of call center performance
Call back & voicemail capabilitiesShows all calls that left a voicemail and require a callback in the specified periodImprove customer experience by allowing the incoming caller to leave a message if agents are unavailable
Cloud auto attendantsLets you create a menu system that enables external and internal callers to locate and place or transfer calls to company users or departments in your organizationRoute customer calls more efficiently and connect callers to the right resource much faster
Cloud call queuesService that accepts customer calls, plays a greeting message, and then places these calls in a wait queue while searching a pre-configured list of agents to answer these callsImprove customer experience by providing accurate data on the call waiting time which encourages callers to be in the line hence reducing the call abandonment rate
Presence-based call routingCall routing strategy in which the “Available” presence status is used to determine whether an agent should be included in the call routing or notDecrease call wait time for callers and prevent interruptions for agents already on a call
Music on holdPlays custom music uploaded by the tenant administratorMake the hold time seem shorter, reduce customer discontent while waiting, and increase caller retention rate
Auto attendant bypassSend the call directly to a specific skill instead of presenting a menu option for the callerRemove the interaction with an auto attendant and improve call wait time
Transfer to voicemail during a callTransfer calls directly to a user’s voicemail inboxImprove your first-call resolution rates and ensure a good customer experience at every touch point
ACD (Automatic Call Distribution) ACD routes call to the most appropriate agent or department, ensuring that callers always reach the right agentFocus only on callers who need direction on who to speak with or have an emergency requiring immediate attention beyond what your auto attendant options may offer
Score-based routingAllows to set up agents in a specific order to answer calls. Agents with lower score will receive calls firstImprove customer service and help on agents’ training and performance
Discrete presence-based routingUses pre-selected presence status of call agents to determine whether an agent should be included in the call routing list for the selected routing methodReduce call wait time by routing incoming calls to agents using different presence statuses and not only Available.
Desktop notificationsAllows agents to easily screen inbound calls and make an informed decision when taking a callBoost call center productivity, as agents can perform other tasks on their computers and still be alerted to an inbound call
Skill opt in/outAllows agents to opt in or opt out from a skillGive agents the flexibility to opt in or out from a queue when it’s convenient for them to improve time management and reduce caller wait time
Native Teams compatibilityProvides a secure infrastructure by being built natively, using the Microsoft Teams technology stackEnjoy a seamlessly, modern, secure, and consistent communication management experience with a contact center built from the ground up on the Microsoft Teams technology stack, without the need of external components to install or integrate
PSTN call-recordingRecord inbound or outbound company calls for regulatory, compliance or quality management purposesEnsure quality and general liability protection. In case of a dispute, call recording offer clarity on support resolutions and helps to boost employee evaluation, training, and quality management
Screen pop with application integrationAllow the Agent to visualize existing information about the caller, based on the information saved in your CRM and Support Desk systemsStreamline support and customer satisfaction by providing the agents relevant account details and customer records, agents will be able to resolve the customer’s issue in less amount of time
Custom configuration/servicesAllows to display callers’ additional information if the callers’ number is already registered in an organization’s CRM. This feature will be limited to specific CRM platformsEnrich unique customer interaction insight with data you maintain within your corporate systems

View the full comparison table here.

Microsoft Teams have revolutionized business communications, and the BlueSky Contact Center takes it a step further by offering a purpose-built Microsoft contact center solution that seamlessly integrates with your existing Teams environment. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to experience the BlueSky Contact Center in action. Contact us today to request a free demo or buy Microsoft Teams Contact Center Licensing here, let us show you how the BlueSky Contact Center for Microsoft Teams can help you take your communication management to the next level!

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