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Technology has helped make certain business processes more efficient, as well as opening multiple channels to have a more seamless interaction. Nevertheless, having a massive amount of data might be hard to manage, and we must follow complex security paths to keep everything safe. 

As we’ve mentioned in previous articles, data gathered from call recording has multiple usages, bringing benefits like quality management and compliance for your company. This article specifically focuses on the security features and benefits of using call recording inside Microsoft Teams. We’ll explore how these features contribute to secure communication and data protection.

Teams Call recording security features inside Microsoft Teams 

  • Access record to files. You can view the file, time of access, and user. 
  • Personalized record indexing. Recordings can be indexed by date, time, agent, etc. 
  • Live monitoring. Calls can not only be recorded, but live monitored according to supervisor permissions. 
  • Easy access to recordings. With centralized management and remote site recording, it’s easy to access the recordings history. 
  • Multi-site call recording. You can record remote users and manage applications at a central site, from multiple locations. 
  • Access management. Admins can assign monitoring, recording, or playback rights to specified users. 
  • Audio file encryption. Secure access to recordings. 

The BlueSky Contact Center for Microsoft Teams

Modernize your operations and standardize all company communications on a single platform

The BlueSky Contact Center for Microsoft Teams

Modernize your operations and standardize all company communications on a single platform

PCI Compliance and Teams Call Recording:

Organizations handling card payments, especially over the phone, must comply with PCI DSS. This standard requires businesses to prevent the exposure and storage of sensitive card details. To ensure compliance while recording calls, consider these options:

  • Pause and Resume Recording: Stop recording before card details are shared and resume afterward, either manually or through automated systems.
  • IVR Payment Solutions: Detach payments from the contact center using phone pad input for card details, offering the highest level of security.

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Call Recording for Microsoft Teams Security:

Our sister brand BlueSky UC, an Azure-native recording solution, prioritizes security with military-grade encryption and redundant storage to safeguard your recorded content. This robust framework provides peace of mind for compliance and confidentiality. Additionally, BlueSky UC offers a user-friendly experience with easy setup, a straightforward management interface, and full control over recording preferences and access.

Elevate your communication compliance and efficiency with BlueSky UC Call Recording for Microsoft Teams. Request a demo today!

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