Microsoft Teams Premium preview is now live

After the long wait, Microsoft Teams Premium preview is now available for trial through the Microsoft 365 admin center. As we explored in our previous article, Microsoft Teams Premium includes a long range of features that will provide an enhanced collaboration and productivity experience. Now, we announce that Microsoft Teams Premium is available for preview as a limited trial for commercial customers through the Microsoft 365 admin center.  

Why Microsoft Teams Premium? 

Teams Premium enhances all types of meetings, from one-on-ones to large gatherings, to virtual appointments and webinars, making them more personalized, smart, and secure. With Teams Premium, you can:

  • Elevate your organization’s company culture, by adapting your brand identity in distinct aspects, such as meetings, backgrounds and more.
  • Enhance your team’s productivity with AI. With features like live translations, and recap features, make sure you never miss vital information said during meetings. 
  • Protect your meetings with advanced security capabilities, such as end-to-end encryption, watermarks, and sensitivity labels to prevent copy/paste.
  • High-end online seminar experience, you may streamline the event workflow with a registration waitlist, manual approval, and virtual green room for presenters before the webinar begins. Manage attendees’ experience so they see only shared content and other participants brought on-screen.
  • Rely on the new Teams Premium virtual appointment experience, using reminders, customizable virtual appointments, a dashboard to review schedules, queues, and insights.

How to get the preview?

Our agents are more than happy to help you adapt Microsoft Teams Premium in your organization. General availability of Teams Premium was scheduled for early February 2023, so feel free to book a meeting and get the new experience of Microsoft Teams Premium.