Multi-Channel Contact Center: Operational Benefits

The way we communicate has drastically changed over the decades. We went from a simple face-to-face conversation to written letters, to finally get to where we are now. Some people might consider overcommunication a problem of today’s world, some others find it highly beneficial. Like everything in life, it has its pros and cons. 

For organizations, customer satisfaction has evolved dramatically. While before it could be ensured through a single customer service channel, let’s say a phone call, nowadays this reality is long gone. With today’s communication, unhappy customers become vocal on social media very quickly after a bad customer experience. 

Customer satisfaction and quality customer service are a priority for any company. In a world that’s constantly evolving, information travels faster every time. Customers are becoming savvier and understand they dominate the market now more than ever. 

According to a recent study, 89% of customers agree that brands must offer consistent customer service across multiple channels to retain customers. 

As mentioned earlier in this article, to stay on top of customer satisfaction, using a single channel is no longer enough. Having a Multi-Channel Contact Center is now part of the must-haves for a customer focused company. But what are the benefits of having a Multi-Channel Contact Center? 

1. Widens the communication options for your customers 

Customers understand that with technology they have everything at hand. While it’s true that we want our problems to be solved by the companies that provide the service, we also understand that there are easier ways to get things done ourselves or to contact who we think will get the problem solved. 

Whatever option will take the least amount of time to solve the issue, which is what the customer will take. Knowing that they have multiple options to choose from will give the customer peace of mind.

2. Maximizes agents’ performance and improves processes 

Having all your communication needs merged into one single hub will save your agent’s time. Managing an all-in-one application is easier and takes less time, as well as streamlining processes. 

Taking less time doing everyday tasks, easier management of information, and providing a unified global view of the overall performance of your team will maximize productivity. 

3. Empowers multitasking agents 

Some agents are great at multitasking. A Multi-Channel Contact Center allows you to assign multiple transactions to one agent, when considered appropriate. It could be three or more web chats or emails. 

4. Allows team leaders to match agent’s aptitudes to the appropriate task 

While there are agents that don’t necessarily perform best on the phone, but are great at customer service, it doesn’t mean they can’t shine in a contact center. Having a Multi-Channel Contact Center allows you to recognize the strengths of each member of a team and match their aptitudes to the appropriate task.

5. Gain visibility and insights

Via Call Detail Record (CDR) and advanced reporting/analytics you’ll have access to insightful information and an overview of your team’s performance. 

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Anywhere365 is a Multi-Channel Contact Center that can be deployed in your Microsoft Teams environment, and it doesn’t require the deployment of any additional software. This contact center enables the operational efficiencies that were mentioned in this article. 

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