A computer with a window with Google open and a laptop with Zoom app and a phone with WhatsApp

One happy system will make you happy

A few weeks ago, I overheard someone say: We have one app for chatone for meetingsone for tasks management and one for file storing, sharing and collaborating: I’m app hopping every day. Are we, in the quest for productivity, overbearing our tool stack? 

 We all love tools. Although this has been refuted it still seems logical to believe that many options, many tools will be beneficial to decision making and productivity.  

 However, many companies have come to find their tools stack to be disjointed ‘islands’, while some teams use some applications, others use entirely different systems.

Maybe you have early adopters in one team that are eager to try modern technology and the process to get every team on board for an app they might not like at the end seems counter-intuitive and long. Maybe you have people in your teams that resist change in the way things have been done so far.  

While there have been many downsides to this year, one upside would be companies’ openness to digital transformation. 

Before it was an option, in the spring it was a need and for 2021 it will continue to morph into a hybrid and more permanent model 

In the face of all that adoption, we need to be attentive of how this neproductivity tool stack serves your bigger purpose. This is why one happy system will make you happy.

A unified solutions provider not only helps you get the most out of your infrastructure, but also helps you train your teams in best practices, while fool proofing the security of your systems and data. At the end, it’s not really the tools, but how you use them.  

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