A quick and simple way to deploy an Intune environment with cost, deliverables, and schedule predictability

Intune Implementation and deployment

Deploy a secure and scalable Intune environment tailored to your specific needs

Intune MDM

A strong foundation for
your Intune deployment

Deploy an all-encompassing Intune setup that can accommodate a growing number of users, devices, and services

Intune Policies

Intune policies that meet
your security and device needs

Build a customized environment with policies based on Microsoft best practices, aligned to fulfill your security requirements

Intune adoption

A single, comprehensive admin

Configure rules and manage device policies, deploy software updates, self-service options, scan for malware, monitor end-user activity, and integrate with Windows Autopilot

Our Intune QuickStart includes:

  • Authorize Microsoft Intune for Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM)
  • Enroll up to 10 users to Microsoft Intune for the organization (1 device per user)
  • Create groups for devices and users
  • Assign group for users and devices
  • Configure three (3) MDM policies for the organization
    • One (1) for iOS
    • One (1) for Android
    • One (1) for Windows 10 Pro or Enterprise
  • Designate policies in Windows Intune
  • Configure Microsoft Intune company portal
  • Two (2) hours of remote administrator training/support during installation and onboarding (knowledge transfer)
  • Four (4) hours of remote administrator support during the first 30 days after deployment

Simplify Intune deployment with Team Venti’s QuickStart

Leverage our 10+ years of experience and Microsoft best practices to deploy a secure and scalable Intune environment that meets your unique needs.

Team Venti collaborates with you to understand your requirements and prepare Intune for immediate use. We provide knowledge transfer, documentation, and a validated deployment for future expansion.

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Intune Mattel Migration Case Study

Streamlining device management: How Mattel leveraged Microsoft Intune with Team Venti’s help

Discover how Mattel, with Team Venti’s guidance, successfully utilized Microsoft Intune to manage their mobile devices and facilitate cloud migration, all without disrupting their business operations.

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