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Leverage our expertise and Microsoft’s best practices for a seamless Microsoft 365 migration with our Microsoft 365 Consulting Services

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Microsoft 365 Migration Services

Seamlessly migrate to Microsoft 365 with our turnkey services, backed by guaranteed results. Our expert team will guide you through the entire process, from readiness and planning to post-migration support

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Security hardening

Keep your environment safe with expert configuration and security best practices in Microsoft 365

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Maximize your cloud subscription

Enjoy higher business insights, improved collaboration, and better knowledge management by planning, deploying, and managing Microsoft 365 advanced features

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Advanced data governance

Integrate your current business and IT policies into the roles, responsibilities, and processes that will guide, direct, and control how different departments collaborate using Microsoft services

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Microsoft 365 audit logs

Configure and enable a unified audit log that gives you access to in depth security critical information

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24/7 critical admin support

Enjoy continuous support with available managed services and critical admin assistance featuring 30min response SLAs

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  • Prepare and maximize the value of your Microsoft 365 environment with our QuickStart deployments that guarantee outcomes, end-user training, and adoption services
  • Receive turn-key PBX replacement services featuring Microsoft Teams, and professionally managed carrier services
  • Make sure your new Microsoft 365 environment is ready for duty, leveraging Team Venti’s curated methodology

We used Team Venti to help migrate from Google to Microsoft 365, replacing email, chat and data retention (Vault). The project scope and goals were clearly defined from the start. If any technical issues were encountered, it was clearly communicated, so I was never in the dark as to what the next step was, or why we were not progressing. All goals were accomplished successfully.

Joshua Hill

We used Team Venti to help migrate from Google to Microsoft 365, replacing email, chat and data retention (Vault). The project scope and goals were clearly defined from the start. If any technical issues were encountered, it was clearly communicated, so I was never in the dark as to what the next step was, or why we were not progressing. All goals were accomplished successfully.

Frequently Asked Questions

As a Microsoft 365 services provider, Team Venti offers comprehensive migration services to ensure a smooth and secure transition to Microsoft 365 for your organization. Our expertise and adherence to Microsoft’s best practices includes:

  • Seamless Migration: We handle everything from planning to post-migration support.
  • Enhanced Security: Our security hardening measures protect your data throughout the process.
  • Subscription Optimization: We maximize the value of your Microsoft 365 investment.
  • Data Governance: We integrate proper data management practices into your new environment.
  • Detailed Audit Logs: Gain insights into user activity and potential security risks.


Partnering with Team Venti ensures a secure and efficient migration to Microsoft 365, unlocking its full potential for your business.

We specialize in migrating mid-sized companies to Microsoft 365. Our 14 years of experience, project management skills, and focus on security, user adoption, and cost-effectiveness ensure a smooth transition. We also provide ongoing support options.

Team Venti offers a range of support options to keep your Microsoft 365 running smoothly, including:

  • 24/7 Critical Admin Support: Get expert help within 30 minutes for urgent issues.
  • Managed Helpdesk: Offload user troubleshooting to our dedicated technicians.
  • Security Monitoring: Proactively identify and address security threats.
  • User Adoption Support: Get ongoing resources to keep users engaged with Microsoft 365.
  • Optimization and Feature Implementation: Leverage advanced features to maximize your Microsoft 365 investment.


Partner with Team Venti for expert Microsoft 365 support services and maximize the benefits for your organization.

A typical Microsoft 365 migration usually involves moving your organization’s email, files, and other data from on-premises servers or other platforms to Microsoft 365 cloud-based services. It usually includes these steps:

  1. Assessment: Evaluate your current environment and needs to determine the right migration approach.
  2. Preparation: Prepare your systems, users, and data for migration, including setting up Microsoft 365 accounts.
  3. Data migration: Transfer email, files, and data to Microsoft 365 using various migration methods.
  4. Configuration: Configure Microsoft 365 settings, security, and compliance features to align with your organization’s requirements.
  5. Testing: Verify that data and services are working correctly in the Microsoft 365 environment.
  6. User training: Provide training and support to help users adapt to the new platform.
  7. Post-migration support: Monitor, manage, and optimize the Microsoft 365 environment after migration.

The exact process can vary based on the specific migration scenario and tools used. It’s essential to plan carefully and consider factors like data security, compliance, and user adoption throughout the migration.

The cost of migrating to Microsoft 365 can vary widely depending on several factors, including the size of your organization, the complexity of your existing infrastructure, the migration method you choose, and any additional services or tools you require. Schedule a call with one of our cloud specialists to request a no-commitment quote.

To migrate mailboxes from one domain to another in Office 365:

  1. Verify and prepare both domains.
  2. Create migration endpoints.
  3. Extract mailbox data from the source.
  4. Use migration tools to transfer data.
  5. Test and validate mailbox functionality in the target domain.

This engagements can require the assistance of an experienced Microsoft Partner. For more information, do not hesitate to contact us

A hybrid migration for Office 365 is a migration approach that combines on-premises Exchange servers with Office 365, allowing users to seamlessly move mailboxes and share email services between the two environments. It facilitates a gradual transition to the cloud while maintaining some mailboxes on-premises.

The choice between Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace depends on your organization’s specific needs and preferences. Microsoft 365 offers a comprehensive suite of productivity tools and integrates well with Windows environments, while Google Workspace emphasizes cloud-native collaboration and simplicity. Consider factors like your existing infrastructure, collaboration requirements, and preferred software ecosystem to determine which is better for your organization.

We provide organizations with different Microsoft-aligned security measures. From Security hardening, that keeps environments safe though Microsoft’s best practices, to advanced data governance that integrates your specific business and IT policies, as well as Microsoft 365 audit logs. To learn more about our Microsoft 365 security hardening tools, book a meeting with one of our Microsoft 365 specialists.

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