Microsoft Intune Support, Deployment & Consulting Services

Simplify, secure, and integrate your organization’s data, devices, and mobile applications with our Microsoft Intune support services

Benefits of our Microsoft Intune Support, Deployment & Consulting Services

  • Ensure that your infrastructure is secure, efficient, and able to adapt to the evolving needs of your business.
  • Enroll devices, applications, and users while managing your environment with Intune.
  • Deploy an all-encompassing Intune setup that can accommodate a growing number of users, devices, and services.
  • Enhance your security and safeguard your assets by implementing customized policies during the enrollment phase.
  • Monitor your organization’s endpoint health and review reports about compliance, device health, and device trends through specific and customizable reports.

Optimal Microsoft Intune implementation through customized services

Microsoft 365 collaboration

Intune assessment

Comprehensive evaluation of your current Microsoft Intune/Autopilot environment, ensuring seamless integration, optimal performance, and adherence to Microsoft best practices


Quick and simple way to deploy an Intune environment with cost, deliverables, and schedule predictability


Intune consulting services

Expert guidance tailored to your organization’s needs, facilitating successful adoption and utilization of Microsoft Intune and Windows Autopilot advanced features. Intune managed services available

Microsoft-Intune Support icon

Intune support services

Dedicated assistance and troubleshooting for Microsoft Intune/Autopilot, ensuring uninterrupted functionality and quick issue resolution. Our expert Intune managed services further empower you to optimize your MDM and MAM strategy for long-term success

Training-and-end-user-adoption icon

Intune Portal knowledge transfer

Empowering your team with hands-on expertise through personalized knowledge transfer, enabling effective management and utilization of the Intune portal’s capabilities

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Intune MAM deployment services

Safeguard your organization’s data with Microsoft Intune’s MAM and App Protection Policies

Why choose us as your Microsoft Solutions Provider

01 Expert Microsoft best practices

Leverage 10+ years of experience for a secure Intune setup aligned with best practices.

02 Customized deployment

We tailor the deployment to your needs, ensuring immediate and impactful use of Intune and Autopilot

03 Scalability and future-readiness

Beyond deployment, empower your team with the know-how to scale and adapt Intune as your business evolves

Frequently Asked Questions

Working with a Microsoft Intune partner such as Team Venti, offers several benefits, including: 

  1. Expertise and guidance: You can count on certified experts in the deployment, configuration, and management of your Intune environment. Team Venti collaborates with your organization to understand the desired end state and gather requirements to prepare and deploy Intune for immediate, meaningful use. 
  2. Faster deployment: Reduce time and resources required for an Intune deployment. Team Venti’s Intune QuickStart offers a quick and simple way to deploy an Intune environment with cost, deliverables, and schedule predictability. 
  3. Microsoft best practices: Implement Microsoft best practices to your Intune environment to meet your organization’s unique requirements. We can help you develop custom policies, configurations, and reports to ensure that your environment is tailored to your specific business needs. 
  4. Support and training: Ensure your Intune deployment runs smoothly and that your team is equipped with the skills and knowledge needed to effectively manage your environment through our remote admin and end user training and support during installation and onboarding. 
  5. Potential cost savings: Optimize your Intune deployment and management for cost savings. By leveraging Microsoft best practices and over 7 years of experience, Team Venti can help you improve efficiency, reduce downtime, and better use of Intune licensing and resources.  

As a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, we have over years of experience and expertise on Microsoft Intune deployment, planning, and support services through Microsoft best practices for various organizations across North America, as well as different industries and sizes. 

To ensure a successful outcome, Team Venti collaborates closely with your organization to understand the desired end state and gather requirements to prepare and deploy Intune for immediate, meaningful use. We provide comprehensive knowledge transfer and support to help your admins adopt and maximize the benefits of their Intune environment according to their specific business needs. 

Team Venti deploys Intune environments considering your specific existing organization’s policies, profiles, and settings to align with your specific needs and goals. 

Team Venti handles data privacy and security by following industry standards and best practices and ensuring compliance with relevant regulations and laws. 

Team Venti provides comprehensive remote admin training and provision during connection and onboarding including knowledge transfer, online resources and documentation, and ongoing technical support and troubleshooting. 

Team Venti’s pricing model for Intune consulting services varies depending on the scope of work and the specific needs and requirements of your organization. We provide a customized pricing proposal that aligns with your budget and goalscontact us for more information 

Yes, we can assist with migrating from your current MDM solution to Microsoft Intune, including developing a migration plan, configuring Intune settings, enrolling devices, and migrating device policies and settings. 

Team Venti handles troubleshooting and resolving issues with Intune by following best practices, conducting thorough assessments, and using a range of tools and resources to diagnose and resolve issues in a timely and efficient manner. 

Team Venti provides regular communication and collaboration throughout the project lifecycle. We typically schedule weekly status update calls with our clients to discuss project progress, upcoming tasks, and any concerns that may arise. 

Yes, we can assist with integrating Intune with other Microsoft services such as Microsoft Defender for Endpoint and Azure Virtual Desktop. This involves configuring and managing the necessary settings and policies to ensure seamless integration and optimal performance 

Intune licensing requirements may vary depending on the specific needs and requirements of your organization. Microsoft offers three licensing options:

  1. Microsoft Intune Plan 1 – A cloud-based unified endpoint management solution that’s included with subscriptions to Microsoft 365 E3, E5, F1, F3, Enterprise Mobility + Security E3 and E5, and Business Premium plans.
  2. Microsoft Intune Plan 2 – An add-on to Microsoft Intune Plan 1 that offers advanced endpoint management capabilities. Microsoft Intune Plan 2 is included in Microsoft Intune Suite.
  3. Microsoft Intune Suite – An add-on to Microsoft Intune Plan 1 that unifies mission-critical advanced endpoint management and security solutions.

We can assist with licensing and procurement by assessing your needs, recommending the appropriate licensing options, and assisting with the procurement process. We can also provide guidance on license management and optimization to ensure cost-effective and efficient use of your Intune licenses.

Contact us for more information.

Intune support provides reactive assistance for troubleshooting issues with Microsoft Intune and Autopilot. It typically involves resolving specific problems you encounter.

Intune managed services, on the other hand, offer a proactive and comprehensive approach.

This includes:

  • Deployment and configuration: Our experts help you design, implement, and configure your Intune environment to meet your organization’s specific needs.
    Ongoing management and optimization: The service goes beyond just fixing problems. It includes proactive monitoring, security patching, and performance optimization to ensure your Intune environment is running smoothly and efficiently.
    Advanced guidance and expertise: You gain access to experienced professionals who can provide strategic advice and best practices for leveraging Intune’s full potential.

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“The team at Team Venti have been great to work with. They succeeded in getting our Windows and iOS devices into Intune to enable us to apply device trust in the cloud. Communication was clear throughout the process and their commitment to working through roadblocks helped us get to our desired end-state.”

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