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Microsoft Power Apps Consulting Services

Build, develop, and modernize processes within your organization with the easy deployment of low-code applications

Our Power Apps Consulting Services and QuickStart will assist your organization
in developing a functional application tailored to its specific needs

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Become familiar with Power Platform

Immerse in Microsoft Power Platform and learn new ways to help your organization quickly innovate and modernize processes
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Quickly develop applications

Create tailored apps to address unique and specific business requirements

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Build and deploy low-code apps

With the comprehensive development of low-code apps, be ready to replace paper-based or manual request processes

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Integrate other solutions

Integrate different Power Platform elements such as Power BI and Power Automate to harness the efficiency of automation and gain insights from dashboards, addressing more complex scenarios

What deliverables are included in our Microsoft Power Apps QuickStart?

A session to gather requirements

Validate and document workflow process

Develop a Power App based on reference materials

A home page to welcome users and provide instructions

Ability to view all existing items in a gallery

Ability to Create, View, Edit, and Delete items using a form

Simple and intuitive UX

Single Sign-On using user’s Microsoft account

Store information on either SharePoint Online Lists or Dataverse for Teams Tables

Conduct a round of User Acceptance Test

Deploy flow to production

How we do it

Our Microsoft Power Apps QuickStart is a comprehensive, low-code development approach that seamlessly integrates your existing data and system(s). It offers end-to-end solutions for rapid problem-solving. Utilizing Power Apps, you can effortlessly generate low-code applications and deploy them across various platforms, including the web, tablets, and mobile devices.

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Benefits Power Apps

Benefits of Team Venti’s Power Apps Consulting and Development Services

  • Develop custom, low-code apps that address your organization’s specific needs
  • Leverage the expertise of a Microsoft Solution Provider in your Power Apps adoption journey and minimize downtime
  • Our experts help you design a simple, intuitive UX experience for your organization while streamlining the usage of other Microsoft solutions, such as SharePoint and Microsoft Teams

Frequently Asked Questions

With Microsoft Power Apps, you can effortlessly create customized business applications that seamlessly link to your data, whether it’s housed in the core data platform (Microsoft Dataverse) or sourced from various online and on-premises data repositories, including SharePoint, Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365, SQL Server, and more.

  • Set your business goals before creating an app, consider what you aim to accomplish or solve
  • Sketch features and functions for your new app
  • Research existing apps and compare their approaches; see how you can develop your app more effectively
  • Create wireframe mockups for your new app, keeping in mind UX and UI considerations

Creating an application with Microsoft Power Apps is generally straightforward, but some organizations may benefit from the expertise and guidance of an experienced Microsoft Partner. Ensure the optimal performance of your Power Apps applications with the support of Team Venti.

Contact us today for assistance.

Power Apps offers a high degree of customization to cater to your specific requirements. A qualified Power Apps consultant can collaborate with you to understand your unique business processes and data management needs. They will then leverage the platform’s capabilities to design a custom solution that effectively addresses your challenges and optimizes your workflows.

The investment required for Power Apps development services depends on several factors. Project complexity, the specific tasks involved, and the level of ongoing support you need all influence the cost. Contact us to get a quote.

Certain considerations apply, but it’s important to mention that there are different options for acquiring Power Apps. There are some capabilities for Microsoft 365 that enable users to learn, extend and customize the Office experience with Power Apps. For more information, contact us today.

Using Power Apps to create model-driven applications, coupled with the latest offline-first mobile experience, makes it feasible. Individuals requiring remote work can carry out their tasks seamlessly without concerns about internet connectivity.

To initiate mobile offline capabilities, app creators must activate and specify the tables designated for offline use through the modern app designer.

The time it takes to develop a custom business application using Microsoft Power Apps can vary depending on the complexity of the project, the scope of work, and the availability of resources. A PowerApps consultant like Team Venti can provide you with a timeline based on your specific requirements and project scope. Contact us for more information.

Yes, Microsoft provides covered entity and business associate clients with a comprehensive Business Associate Agreement that extends to applicable Microsoft services.

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