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Simplify tasks, streamline workflows, and boost productivity by unlocking the potential of automation

Streamline processes and enhance workflow efficiency with our
Power Automate Consulting Services and QuickStart

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Become familiar with the Power Platform

Immerse in Microsoft Power Platform and learn new ways to help your organization quickly innovate and modernize processes

Quickly develop workflows with power automate

Enhance productivity by embracing automation

Automate repetitive tasks and processes to save valuable time, allowing your employees to focus on more challenging tasks

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Build and deploy workflows

By connecting workflows to different web services, you can boost productivity by sending notifications and managing approval processes

What deliverables are included in our Power Flow for Power Automate QuickStart?

A session to gather requirements

Validate and document workflow process

Develop 1 Power Automate flow for automating one business process

Ability to send notifications, reminders and manage approvals

Ability to include business rules in the logic of the flow

Secure authentication using either the user’s or a service account

Connect to and integrate up to 3 different web services

Conduct a round of User Acceptance Test

Deploy flow to production

How we do it

We use Microsoft Power Automate, which integrates powerful workflow automation directly into your apps with a no-code approach, connecting to hundreds of popular apps and services. Automate and accelerate business processes, approval workflows, notifications, and more.

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Benefits of Team Venti’s Power Flow for Power Automate QuickStart

  • Workflow automation: Power Automate allows you to automate repetitive tasks and workflows, reducing manual effort and minimizing the chances of human error. This leads to increased efficiency and improved productivity
  • Integration and connectivity: Power Automate integrates seamlessly with a wide range of Microsoft and third-party applications and services. This means you can connect different systems, data sources, and tools, facilitating data exchange and collaboration across your organization
  • Business process optimization: With Power Automate, you can design and optimize your business processes. It provides the tools to create custom workflows, notifications, and approvals, helping you streamline and standardize your operations. This can result in cost savings and better control over your business processes

Frequently Asked Questions

Power Automate is a cloud-based service that enables you to create automated workflows and integrate various applications and services without the need for extensive coding. It operates by connecting different triggers and actions to automate tasks and processes. Team Venti’s Power Flow for Power Automate QuickStart helps organizations harness the full potential of Power Automate while minimizing the risk of malfunctions. Contact us today to learn more about our Power Flow for Power Automate QuickStart.

Power Automate is used for various purposes, including automating repetitive tasks, collecting and processing data, managing approval workflows, sending email notifications, and integrating data and processes across different apps and services.

Power Automate supports integration with a wide range of Microsoft and third-party applications and services, including Microsoft 365, SharePoint, Salesforce, Dropbox, and many others. You can explore the available connectors on the Power Automate platform.

Yes, Power Automate offers robust security features, including data encryption, authentication, and access control. You can set up permissions and control who can access and modify your workflows and data, ensuring the security of your automated processes.

Team Venti’s Power Flow for Power Automate QuickStart helps with workflow automation, integration and connectivity with Microsoft and third-party applications/services, it also helps design and optimize business processes. All of this, with the support and guidance of Microsoft Power Automate experts. 

The cost of each Power Automate project varies depending on the size, complexity, and services required. Contact us to get a custom quote for your organization. 

Our Power Automate QuickStart is a 1-week implementation project. 

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