Microsoft System Center & Intune

Microsoft System Center & Intune

Let us help you make datacenter management easier on-premise or in the cloud.

System Center delivers a simplified datacenter management experience to keep you in control whether on-premises, in the cloud, or across platforms.  With Team Venti you can use System Center products and enable capabilities such as:

Elastic infrastructure provisioning
Enterprise-class multi-tenant infrastructure for hybrid environments

Infrastructure monitoring
Comprehensive monitoring of physical, virtual, and cloud infrastructure

  • Monitor diverse environments
  • Assure physical, virtual, and cloud infrastructure health
  • Ensure reliable workload configurations

Application-owner agility while IT retains control

  • Deploy cloud services and process automatically
  • Leverage common management tools for on-premises and cloud
  • Dynamically expand capacity to support app SLA

End-to-end backup and recovery for private clouds, physical machines, clients, and server applications

  • Protect infrastructure resources against any disaster
  • Enable easy backup for various server applications
  • Use advanced capabilities for backup and monitoring

IT service management
Flexible service delivery

  • Enable easy publishing and consumption of IT services
  • Integrate people, process, and knowledge into service management and process workflows
  • Efficient resource utilization and SLA tracking to drive business and operational insight

Endpoint monitoring and management
Enable employees to work anywhere on the devices that they choose

  • Deploy an integrated endpoint management platform
  • Offer more secure desktop, mobile experiences
  • Ensure a productive user experience
Microsoft Systems Center & Intune

How to deploy:

Leverage Team Venti packaged services for the streamline planning and deployment of Microsoft System Center & Intune in your organization.  Our packaged services include everything you need, from planning to deployment to training and user adoption,  to ensure project success with schedule and budget predictability.

For more information, contact us today at: (833) 448-3684 

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