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Leverage the full potential of Teams with our Microsoft Teams consulting services

Microsoft Teams define

Microsoft Teams
define & design

Tailor your Microsoft Teams environment to perfectly align with your collaboration and security needs by gaining a deep understanding of your unique requirements

Microsoft 365 collaboration

Microsoft 365 collaboration governance

Begin building collaborative success through a carefully planned Microsoft 365 governance plan. Establish policies, roles, and processes to guide departmental cooperation effectively in Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams deployment

Microsoft Teams deployment

Drive a smart Microsoft Teams deployment and customize your workspace with the specific content and capabilities you need, get the most out of your IT environment

Microsoft Teams provisioning

Microsoft Teams provisioning

Operational best practices for creating channels, assigning licenses and Teams messaging policies, app setup policies, and app permission policies

Admin and end user training icon

Admin & end-user
training resources

Harness the benefits of our Microsoft Teams consulting services, and benefit from admin and end-user demos, live training, and training resources that highlight Teams capabilities 

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24/7 critical admin Microsoft Teams support

Enjoy continuous support with available managed services and critical admin assistance

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  • Deploy a comprehensive and meaningful Microsoft Teams environment
  •  A hub tailored to your core requirements with sound architecture
  • Ready for future scalability of features, users, and services
  • Integrate all your communication, collaboration, voice, and business processes in a single platform
  • Streamline your whole collaboration process, from creating and sharing documents, to meeting, keeping notes, and follow up tasks for a fluid and integrated experience

Team Venti simplified the overwhelming complexity of modernizing our telecom system to support our full remote workforce. The project went smoothly, on-time and on budget. My employees are happy with the flexibility afforded by the new system

Jake Bartell

Team Venti simplified the overwhelming complexity of modernizing our telecom system to support our full remote workforce. The project went smoothly, on-time and on budget. My employees are happy with the flexibility afforded by the new system

Frequently Asked Questions

Team Venti provides a comprehensive suite of consulting services for Microsoft Teams, covering: 

  • Defining and designing Microsoft Teams environments 
  • Microsoft 365 collaboration governance 
  • Microsoft Teams deployment 
  • Admin & end-user training resources 
  • 24/7 critical admin Microsoft Teams support 
  • Microsoft Teams Voice Assessments (QoS and Intune policies) 

Through a deep understanding of your business’ unique requirements, which we achieve by working closely to your team, to define and design Teams environments that align with your specific collaboration and security needs. 

With proper governance planning, you can achieve your goals around security and administration of your Teams environment. By establishing clear policies, assigning appropriate roles, and streamlining operational processes, our governance planning fosters a collaborative culture within Teams that promotes productivity, mitigates risks, maintains data integrity, and facilitates seamless cooperation among various departments within the organization. 

Contact us for more detailed information about this topic. 

Team Venti’s Microsoft Teams provisioning deliverables aim to optimize the platform’s functionality. This involves establishing structured channels, assigning appropriate licenses and policies, and fine-tuning app setups. This optimization streamlines communication, collaboration, and task management, fostering a more efficient and productive environment for your organization’s Teams users. 

Our services encompass demos, live training sessions, and extensive resources that showcase Teams’ capabilities, providing support to both administrators and end-users. 

  • On the user side, we offer comprehensive training to ensure users understand and leverage Teams features to enhance and simplify their daily tasks. 
  • For administrators, our training includes a clear understanding of how to manage the Teams Admin Center, PowerShell cmdlets to facilitate bulk tasks, and a comprehensive grasp of different policies, such as voice, apps, devices, and voicemail. 

Team Venti provides ongoing support through managed services and critical administrative assistance, ensuring the prompt resolution of urgent Teams-related issues. Additionally, our BlueSky Platform guarantees different failover options and plans in the event of an outage from Microsoft or public telephony carriers. 

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