Professional IT services for all stages of your Microsoft Teams adoption journey

Cover all your Microsoft Teams needs with our professional and support services

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Microsoft Teams Define & Design ​

Understand your collaboration and security requirements to best plan your Teams environment

Microsoft 365 Collaboration Governance

Take the first steps towards establishing a set of policies, roles, responsibilities, and processes that will guide, direct, and control how different departments cooperate using Teams

Azure cloud migration services

Microsoft Teams Deployment

Customize your workspace with the specific content and capabilities you need, get the most out of your Microsoft Teams environment

Cloud storage backup

Microsoft Teams Provisioning​​

Operational best practices for creating channels, assigning licenses and Teams messaging policies, app setup policies, and app permission policies

Microsoft infrastructure

Admin and end-user training resources

Benefit from admin and end-user demos, live training, and training resources that highlight Teams capabilities and limitations

Consolidate ans save

24/7 critical admin Microsoft Teams support

Enjoy continuous support with available managed services and critical admin assistance

Microsoft Teams projects from design
through deployment and into optimization

Team Venti’s Microsoft Teams services offer a comprehensive way to deploy a Microsoft Teams environment.

Through our Teams services organization we can deploy a core and meaningful Microsoft Teams environment that is especially designed around core requirements with sound architecture ready for future scalability of features, users, and services.

Drive productive, intelligent,
and secure collaboration in Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams integrates all your communication, collaboration, voice, and business processes optimization needs into one easy to use platform.

This solution takes care of the whole collaboration process from creating and sharing documents, to meeting, keeping notes, and following up on tasks for a fluid and integrated experience.

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