Deploy a core and meaningful OneDrive for Business environment with cost, deliverables, and schedule predictability

OneDrive for Business services designed to make it easier to store, share, and work on all your files

Migration services

Governance Planning

Take the first steps towards establishing a set of policies, roles, responsibilities, and processes that will guide, direct, and control how different departments cooperate using OneDrive for Business

OneDrive for Business Migration Services

Migrate your files to the cloud without business or employee interruption, with the convenience of packaged pricing

Security Hardening

Keep your environment safe with expert configuration and security best practices

Managed IT Services examples from a Managed Services Provider by Team Venti

OneDrive for Business Backups

Remain in compliance with backups for emails (Microsoft Exchange) and Chat/Documents (Microsoft Teams & Microsoft SharePoint)

Admin and end-user knowledge transfer

Enjoy admin and end-user demos, live training, and training resources that highlight OneDrive for Business capabilities and limitations

Applications hosting

​OneDrive for Business critical tech support​

Enjoy continuous support with available managed services and critical admin assistance

Deploy a OneDrive for Business environment
customized for your requirements

Protect, access, and collaborate on files
with OneDrive for Business

With our OneDrive for Business Services, organizations can quickly deploy a core and meaningful OneDrive for Business environment that is specifically designed around corporate requirements in cloud storage for users’ business use.

Some of the benefits our OneDrive for Business services include: 1 TB of storage, Sync OneDrive to your local computer and mobile devices, access any time anywhere, easily manage files and documents, library hosted on SharePoint, determine the rules for sharing and collaborating on files.

OneDrive for Business is a cloud based personal storage space, where you can protect work files and access them across multiple devices. OneDrive for Business allows you to sync files to your computer, share them with other users, and collaborate on documents.

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