Consulting services that assess your SQL Server environment or a single SQL database to get the most
out of your investment

Our Microsoft SQL Server and Azure SQL services include:

Migration services

SQL Server health check

The SQL Health Check service analyzes and identifies proactive steps your company can take to avoid potential problems and maximize your Microsoft investment

Performance tuning

Usually done after the SQL Server health check, fixes and tunes what is needed to make your SQL Server databases perform better

High Availability and Disaster Recovery (HADR)

Designs the right approach for your business among different alternatives: Clusters, Always On Availability Groups, Log Shipping, Mirroring or Replication

SQL Server upgrades

Designs, documents, and executes the best plan to upgrade your existing SQL Server platform by taking care of aspects such as performance, reliability, security, administration

SQL Server security assessment

Finds security issues that might affect your business. Delivers a report on what is wrong, how it impacts your business and what should be corrected

Have flexibility in your business

Migration to Azure Cloud

Analyzes your scenario and business needs, guides you on choosing the right option (Infrastructure as a Service, SQL Azure, Managed Instance)

Professional services

Provides guidance, troubleshooting, and support on choosing the right approach in all aspects of your SQL Server environment

Training and coaching

Delivers remote training and the tools and knowledge on how to use them

Applications hosting

24/7 critical admin SQL Server support

Enjoy continuous support with available managed services and critical admin assistance featuring 30min response SLAs

SQL Server services that enable you to gain deep insight​ into your Microsoft SQL environments

A proactive approach to your SQL Server
maintenance strategy

We cover all the platform’s lifecycle, from health checks and performance tuning to security assessments and upgrading existing servers as well as training and support. Our SQL Practice team can help you with on-premise as well as Azure-based SQL deployments and services.

Our SQL Server proactive services help your SQL environments avoid performance degradation, availability issues, capacity planning challenges, etc. The areas of focus of our proactive services include: reliability, security, administration, high availability, and disaster recovery.

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