Enable secure end-user computing with an OS built
for the modern world

Windows 10 deployment enterprise services in an end-user computing​

Deployment services to ease computer management, including:

Windows Hello

Windows Hello for business

Configured mobile device management (MDM) policy that uses key-based or certificate-based authentication for increased security

Windows AutoPilot

Windows AutoPilot

Delivers a zero-touch experience for the configuration and set up of new devices. Reduces the time IT spends on deploying, managing, and retiring devices

Professional services in Team Venti

Professional services

Tap into the knowledge of our highly trained team for planning, deployment and optimization services

Microsoft Intune service

Microsoft Intune services

Streamline and modernize the management of your IT assets with Microsoft’s next generation systems management tools​

Windows patch for security

Windows patch management​

Scans and detects missing patches and installs them as soon as they become available. Keeps all your systems up to date

Critical admin support in Team Venti

24/7 critical admin Windows 10 support

Enjoy continuous support with available managed services and critical admin assistance featuring 30min response SLAs

Rely on our specialized team to quickly
​deploy Windows 10

Plan and attain desktop standardization with our Microsoft Windows 10 deployment services so you can boost your company’s productivity and agility without compromising security or manageability.​

Our services also enable separation of corporate and personal data with trusted applications, and multifactor authentication (MFA).

Modern and standardized
IT approach

Address modern IT’s challenges including users with multiple devices, cloud components, self-service support and more, all through a proactive vs reactive IT approach and modern deployment methodologies.

Plan and execute your Microsoft Windows 10 Deployment services with Team Venti.

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