Microsoft Infrastructure

Enable your organization to achieve its cloud initiatives

From envisioning sessions to maintenance, our team of Microsoft certified professionals is ready to help you reach your company’s goals, no matter where you are in your software infrastructure transformation journey.

Enable the digital transformation of your business by securing its underpinnings with Microsoft modern infrastructure via on-prem, cloud or hybrid scenarios.

Deploy and sustain secure, scalable environments leveraging Team Venti’s delivery framework and Microsoft best practices.

Attain your desired modern infrastructure state across hybrid cloud environments and software-defined-datacenters. We provide the assistance you need to improve your IT operations and analytics, helping your business grow value by lowering costs of ownership and improving asset flexibility.

Team Venti helps you reach your company’s goals

Delegate your company’s IT needs to a specialized team that helps you

  • Plan, deploy, and optimize – Environments that support agile and scalable services

  • Quickly deploy – New private, public and hybrid cloud solutions to enable new capabilities

  • Optimize – Your current cloud environment to improve performance, manage costs, streamline management, introduce automation, and increase security

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