Microsoft Cloud for Manufacturing

Microsoft Cloud for Manufacturing

A new and resilient future for the manufacturing industry is finally here. After living through one of the most challenging times of this century, Microsoft Cloud is introducing its new and supportive solutions built to meet the industries’ requirements. 

Every day, industries process an enormous amount of data, Microsoft Cloud for Manufacturing saw this as an opportunity to reinvent the approach given to their operations and business models. These solutions connect people, assets, workflow, and business processes allowing manufacturers to operate fast, safely, and effectively. 

This innovative approach allows interconnection between internal and external supply chains. It also includes customer and market data via the cloud, having as a result optimized planning and smartly accomplished processes.

Microsoft Cloud for Manufacturing focuses on four main objectives:

  1. Digital empower workforces by giving your employees new digital skills that will help them meet your customer’s expectations. 
  2. Operate safe and agile factories boosted with productivity, through AI (Artificial Intelligence) cloud technology, and mixed reality.
  3. Create more resilient supply chains that gracefully operate through smart planning, improving profitability.
  4. Unlock innovation and new services, by taking advantage of digital feedback loops and digital twins.

Main Microsoft Cloud products for manufacturing

Microsoft Teams

Transform your entire workforce: frontline, office workers, and any other collaborator will be productive anywhere, connected by a wide set of tools inside of Microsoft Teams. 


Build and protect industrial IoT (Internet of Things) and OT, and Industrial Control Systems environments through agentless networks with the help of Azure IoT, Microsoft 365 Defender, and Azure Sentinel. 

Dynamics 365

Unify data through a fast, innovative digital supply chain system and enhance visibility, along with proactively avoiding disruptions and empowering sales execution.

HoloLens 2

A self-contained holographic headset that allows users to use enterprise-ready mixed reality (MR) applications, while working “heads-up” and “hands-free.”

Microsoft 365

Industry related apps combined with intelligent cloud services and high security will allow your organization to grow exponentially. 

Be a part of this manufacturing digital revolution, talk to one of our experts to adapt any of these tools to your organization.