Systems Management with Microsoft System Center

We live in a constantly evolving world. The way we live our lives changes as time goes by, including the way we work. Companies nowadays don’t work like they did a few years ago, mainly because of technological advances. In the new digital work era, a company’s IT assets are crucial for its functionality. We must deploy modern solutions for modern challenges. 

As a result of what’s mentioned above, Systems Management continues to play an important role in an organization’s performance. 

What is Systems Management? 

According to DNS ‘’Systems management encompasses the management and maintenance of how different parts of a business interact, and coordinate within the IT environment’’. 

With all the changes technology experiences day by day, IT systems become more complex each time, and alongside, so does the demand for Systems Management tools. 

Today we want to talk about the features and benefits of a specific System Management tool: Microsoft System Center. 

What is Microsoft System Center? 

Microsoft System Center is a Systems Management Software that integrates data protection management, which allows users to back up and recover data seamlessly. In addition to it, it offers operations and configurations management, as well as endpoint protection. 

This software meets the needs of small and medium businesses, and enterprises as well. It is cloud based and adaptive to private and public cloud infrastructure.

Main features 

  • Operations Manager 
  • Virtual Machine Manager 
  • Orchestrator 
  • Service Manager
  • Data Protection Manager 
  • Configuration Manager 
  • Endpoint Protection 

Main benefits 

  • Simplifies IT management by offering an end-to-end platform for companies with IT assets built on different environments/systems. It ensures IT assets work at its optimal performance, without compromising end-user experience. 
  • It helps promote workplace agility due to its compatibility with a variety of devices, systems, and open systems such as Linux. Microsoft System Center, as a cloud solution, allows users to access the system from anywhere, at any time. 
  • Robust features like one-click processes, easy installation, and automated workflows help the IT department to perform tasks more efficiently. By providing these features, manual and repetitive daily tasks can be easily covered, allowing the IT team to focus on more complex/crucial tasks. 

Deploying Microsoft System Center with a Cloud Solution Provider 

By deploying Microsoft’s next generation systems management tools, you’ll be able to streamline and modernize the management of your IT assets. 

Furthermore, by deploying these tools with a CSP, your company will be able to do more with less effort, with all the features and benefits mentioned above, plus guidance and support from certified experts. 

From planning to deploying and maintaining. With Team Venti’s Microsoft System Center and Intune services you’ll be able to simplify the management of your IT assets, while keeping your admins and users ready with our training and support. 

If you want to securely stay on top of the ever-changing computing environment, contact us. 

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