Don’t Do It Yourself: Benefits of a Third-Party Cloud Solution Provider (CSP)

Cloud technology has spread around the world, fueling growth, and improving service delivery in the core of every business.

We are currently experiencing a digital revolution, a time of transformation, and technological innovations. It is time to rethink business processes to optimize them, we have the ideal opportunity to gain an advantage over our competitors.

In today’s business environment, many companies completely depend on IT, but keeping up with your business’s digital transformation and daily IT operations requires experience, money, and a considerable time investment that you may not want to handle on your own.

Here are some benefits of having a Third-Party CSP:


The reduction of costs related to your cloud and license operation, such as hiring profiles that may not have the necessary skills, salary, physical servers, training effort of a full-time team, are costs that you can avoid by having a Third-Party ally.

A CSP will help you move your IT spending away from cost centers, you will only pay for what your company really needs in an efficient way. A team of experts will take care of planning, deployment, and optimization for a monthly fee.

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Time management is important for busy companies so they can prioritize all their work tasks and achieve their goals faster. Save time by allowing your team to focus on the most important and strategic decisions.

By outsourcing Cloud Solutions, your team can focus on their areas of expertise in order to help your business grow. You and your team will not be distracted with the implementation and maintenance of IT projects.

Professionals Always On-Hand

There are many aspects in the application of IT solutions that require different and specific skills. With a third party CSP you will have access to a team of dedicated professionals who have all the skills required to meet your needs and projects. Team Venti, as a CSP, will take care of your company through the whole process.


Your storage servers and your cloud infrastructure are active every day and at all hours. To keep your environment up and running, you need a support team.

If you convert an employee member of your company’s IT team into a 24-hour position, you will need three shifts a day to cover it. So, converting your 9 to 5 IT support into a 24-hour position is going to cost you 3 times what you pay now. If you want 24/7 support, you will also have to pay for weekend shifts.

The advantage of some cloud solution providers like Team Venti is that you will get 24/7 IT support at very affordable prices.

Even though the benefits of having a CSP are evident it still sometimes occur that a business will Define/Design and then choose the DIY route. More times than not, that same client will then come back to request further assistance as it didn’t go as plan or the need help as something is not working properly. This results in additional time needed to fix issues that could have been prevented.

In conclusion, having a Third-Party Cloud Solution Provider is a successful strategy to provide the flexibility needed in the digital journey, allowing you to focus on the core of your business and save time and money.

Optimize your cloud and licensing costs and realize the full value of your technology investments with Team Venti.

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