Licensing Updates: Intune Suite and P2

Microsoft has an exciting month ahead in March 2023, as they announced the launch of a cost-effective suite for advanced endpoint management. This new Intune Suite plan will help organizations to simplify their endpoint management, protect hybrid workforce, and enhance user experiences; as well as bring advanced endpoint analytics and management capabilities. Consisting of Remote Help for Windows, Microsoft Tunnel for Mobile App Management, Endpoint Privilege Management, the new suite is designed to provide comprehensive and efficient endpoint management solutions for businesses of all sizes.

Microsoft Intune suite of advanced solutions for endpoint management

As a leader in endpoint management, Microsoft pays close attention to CTOs and CISOs’ needs, and discovered the challenges they’ve been facing due to the evolving needs of hybrid work. The main objective of CTOs, CISOs, and CFOs this 2023, is to do more with less. However, the cycle of implementing point solutions often results in an ever-increasing number of admin consoles, identity systems or agents running on devices, adding complexity, and risks. Ultimately, the consolidation of solutions and a “Spring Clean” are necessary to address these issues.

A real change in Microsoft Endpoint Management 

The new Intune suite capabilities will allow organizations to unify the tools they use to manage and protect their data, digital estate, remove risks of local admin users, support BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) models with secured access for unenrolled mobile devices, optimization of health and performance of Windows endpoint, as well as the reduction of complexity of app deployments and updates. 

Remote Help for Windows and Android 

With new SeviceNow integration, you will be able to gain significant incident information into Intune for a faster resolution of user’s issues, better messaging to identify reasons for device noncompliance, and better communication settings. In addition, User Account Control is included, to help resolve issues in a faster way. Another important addition will be the support for Android that will assist admins to manage their Frontline Workers remotely in an optimized way. 

Intune Endpoint Privilege Management 

This 2023, organizations with Microsoft Intune subscriptions will be able to discover the new Microsoft Intune Endpoint Privilege Management in public preview. This will allow you to manage and automate when workers have permission to use admin privilege for specific tasks on Windows cloud and co-managed endpoints. This will enable you to simplify the process, since you will no longer require making users local admins. Your users can maintain standard account privileges but can be temporarily granted admin privilege for specific tasks approved by admins according to company policies. This approach not only boosts productivity but also strengthens your security measures, with Zero Trust architecture.

Microsoft Tunnel for Mobile Application Management 

Microsoft Tunnel for Mobile Application Management (MAM) is a new service that provides secure access to on-prem apps and resources for iOS and Android devices. It allows employees to access company resources on their unmanaged personal devices without the need for device enrollment, providing user privacy and corporate data protection. Companies can adopt a BYOD program and eliminate the need for purchasing corporate-owned devices for employees. The service uses modern authentication, single sign-on, and conditional access to secure access to on-premises resources through VPN. Microsoft Tunnel for MAM will be available in early 2023 as part of the new Intune suite.

Advanced endpoint analytics

Endpoint analytics is a new service that provides IT admins with a better understanding of the health and performance of their company’s endpoints. This new service offers real-time visibility, AI and machine learning, and automation capabilities to identify anomalies and proactively resolve issues before end-users report them. The advanced endpoint management suite allows admins to analyze specific groups of devices, prioritize targeted actions, and understand the quality of experience for diverse groups of users. Anomaly detection automatically identifies issues, categorizes them based on severity, and provides relevant information to investigate the anomaly on impacted devices in real time. The proactive remediations feature enables IT admins to run customized remediation scripts on-demand and in real time to deliver instant fixes or modify device configurations for optimal performance. The service is designed to empower IT admins, helpdesks, and end-users to transform their futures through intelligent analysis and automation.

New Intune Suite capabilities

With this new Intune Suite, new advanced capabilities of advanced endpoint management solutions are set to help IT admins manage and protect all types of devices, including new specialty devices such as virtual reality (VR) headsets and smart screen devices.

Here are some other capabilities this new Intune Suite will bring on 2023

  • Comprehensive app catalog that eliminates the need for packaging apps for deployment.
  • Proactive solutions for keeping third-party apps up to date.
  • Mobile application management capabilities for workers who need to manage multiple organizations and teams on a single device.
  • Advanced cloud certificate management (on the roadmap).
  • Premium add-on capabilities will be available, and the Endpoint Manager admin center will provide information about licenses and easy access to the Microsoft 365 admin center.

How to get the new Intune Suite for endpoint management? 

This new cost-effective solution will be available in a premium plan to subscribers of Microsoft 365 E3 and E5, as well as any other plan that includes Intune licensing. March 2023 will be the beginning of an important change on Microsoft endpoint management offerings, so we encourage you to contact us today to help you adapt these new solutions into your organization.

Whether you need assistance with planning, deploying, or maintaining Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager or Intune, we are more than happy to help.

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