Make the most out of your data in the cloud

Nowadays, organizations are collecting a humongous amount of data in the cloud, 2.5 quintillion bytes every day to be more specific. 

It’s important to know that the volume, as well as the pace of this growth will only keep accelerating.  

Although massive amounts of information are being accumulated, the NewVantage Partners Big Data and AI Executive Survey 2021 says that companies are not making effective use of it: 

  • 73% of the organizations surveyed said business adoption of big data and AI initiative is a challenge.

  • 38% of them have created a data-driven organization.

Companies who tackle information to gain value through data-driven decisioning will make the difference. Data’s value depends on its accessibility and application, and in the Cloud, it gains scale and agility. In addition to it, cloud analytics helps break down data storage and foster more agile outcomes. 

Cloud technology is crucial to effectively manage information at scale, which is why companies should take steps to modernize their data infrastructure.

When an organization works with a data strategy, they create stronger customer relationships that result in competitive advantage and constant business growth. 

Having our organizational information in the cloud, we can empower our employees by giving them the possibility to operate with data and cloud innovation at their fingertips. 

Make the most out of your data with Team Venti’s Microsoft Cloud Services 

In Team Venti we work alongside our clients to help them design a cloud strategy with Microsoft Cloud Technology, whether they’re beginning their cloud journey or want us to meet them halfway through.  

Take advantage of live data analysis and have greater access to data in Microsoft Cloud. Let us help you create a data strategy that leverages the cloud, with our expertise and yours. 

To know more about our Microsoft Azure services, SQL Server services, or to get personalized attention from one of our cloud experts, book a meeting today.