Cybersecurity: How to avoid risks during Cloud Migrations

During the last few years, cybersecurity has been at the top of the mind of many organizations’ leaders. Since the cloud has become increasingly popular among businesses of all kinds, for its high flexibility, scalability, and cost efficiency, there have also been some concerns regarding security. Organizations should consider the following recommendations to avoid risks during cloud migrations. 

Secure your data in transit during Cloud Migrations

Security is a key concern when migrating data to the cloud. You need to think about both physical and logical security to keep your information safe. Physical security means protecting the hardware and media that store the data. This includes making sure only authorized personnel have access to the data center, and that the data center is physically secure from intrusion.

On the other hand, logical security targets the duty of protecting data itself, whether migrating or at rest. This means granting access to authorized users to specific encrypted data. There are some protocols that can help you maintain safety during data transition, such as:

  • Transport Layer Security
  • Secure Sockets Layer, Secure Shell
  • Virtual Private Network

However, doing these protocols yourself may be tricky, therefore we encourage you to rely on an experienced Cloud Solution Provider (CSP). Usually, CSPs such as Team Venti have a long expertise on data migrations and other compliance requirements. 

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How to avoid cybersecurity risks that can happen during a Cloud Migration? 

No solution is 100% safe and error-free. Just as any other service, cloud migrations may impact your organization due to human error, hardware failure, or software issues, leaving with the risk of data loss, data leakage, or corruption. However, with a CSP expert, you can trust that a detailed cloud scope, schedule, and deployment will be executed. Team Venti’s experts define a strategy according to your unique needs.

Migrating to the cloud is something that eventually all organizations will face, fully or partially. We encourage you to choose a Gold Microsoft Partner, such as Team Venti, to manage your migration as smoothly and risk-free as possible. Book a meeting with one of our Cloud Migration experts to learn the next steps to take.