The key to protect your business from email phishing

Cybersecurity has been in the news far more often in the past 12 months than in previous years, as cybercriminals escalated their activity during the COVID-19 pandemic. As many employees and organizations suddenly found themselves in a home office model, connecting and working from home every day, greater opportunities to attack presented to cybercriminals.

Business email compromise (BEC) is increasing

Email phishing has become a dominant strategy to attack the digital properties of companies. Known as Business Email Compromise (BEC), cybercriminals have responded to technical advances in detection by developing fast-moving phishing frauds that can victimize even the savviest professionals.

BEC criminals knows email is the most effective method of communication. After many companies have been encouraged to go paperless, it is easier to people inherently trust in those they work with and are more likely to respond to requests from their company’s executives. A real but compromised account anywhere in the communication stream can lead to disastrous results.


MFA: The key to reduce email phishing attacks

Enabling multi-factor authentication (MFA) can be one of the quickest and most impactful ways to protect user identities, and an effective means to reduce the threat and potential impact of BEC.

MFA has been available for all Microsoft Office 365 users since 2014, yet many small- to mid-sized companies have not enabled it for their users.

Embrace Zero Trust to protect your complex digital estate

Beyond the benefits of MFA, the move toward Zero Trust security can enable and secure your remote workforce, increase the speed of threat detection, mitigate the impact of potential breaches, and make it harder for cybercriminals to make money.

The cybercrime business will continue to grow. However, it is the perfect time for companies to ensure the protection of their businesses by putting safety as a priority.

Don’t wait any longer to keep your email safe. You can receive all the security guidance your organization needs by talking to our experts.


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