New Azure products to empower the space industry


Two years ago, Azure Space was launched with the main objective of bringing the power of the cloud together with the immense possibilities of space, and beyond. Azure Space is a platform built to enable communication and connectivity via the cloud, while enhancing computing in different industries, such as agriculture, energy, telecommunications, and government. 

How can Azure Space Products help my organization?

By connecting to the cloud anywhere on the planet, you will be able to identify and leverage data from space, gain insights from analytics, plus enjoy a large catalog of Microsoft services and capabilities. 

Explore the possibilities of space with powerful tools and AI

  • Downlink data without managing your own satellite ground station with Azure Orbital (on preview) ground station platform 
  • Powered by 5G, build access points anywhere in the planet
  • Gain insights with Earth observation data using Azure Synapse Analytics, Azure AI, and Azure Orbital
  • Develop applications and software-based space capabilities with Microsoft tools

Announcing New Azure Space tools 

Azure Orbital Cloud Access (preview)

With low latency satellite communication and across fiber, cellular and 5G networks, connect anywhere in the world. This monthly subscription basis consumption model integrates with SD-WAN technology, which enables users to prioritize connectivity between fiber, cellular and satellite communications networks. This new tool is currently available for Azure Government customers. 

Succeed in your Microsoft Cloud Projects

With Team Venti's expertise and Microsoft's best practices on Azure
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Succeed in your Microsoft Cloud Projects

With Team Venti's expertise and Microsoft's best practices on Azure

Azure Orbital Ground Station

Now in general availability, its main objective is to allow collaboration with users and allow operations from the cloud at a lower cost and latency, achieving a higher level of security and lower operational costs with the power of Azure. 


As a space data company, Pixxel focuses on building a constellation of hyperspectral earth imaging satellites. Microsoft integrates KSAT’s broad network, allowing Pixxel to stream their data to the Azure Cloud, lowering operational costs and generating customer business insights.

Azure Space is bringing the future to our present. Providing the power and capabilities of satellites, organizations throughout the world may unlock endless possibilities, opportunities, and realities. From informing firefighters of wildfires to connecting through satellite networks, Microsoft is bringing digital transformation to the world (and space). Talk to an expert today to learn more about the many possibilities Azure offers to your organization’s industry.

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