Azure Cloud and Security IT Evaluation

Start your Azure journey with the help of this Migration Readiness evaluation

In recent years, organizations have been impacted deeply by modern technologies. With the broad technological market of today’s world, companies are constantly acquiring new and complex digital solutions, leading to higher costs, or not choosing the right one for their organization. 

Therefore, it is essential that team leaders evaluate the products, infrastructure, and services they use constantly, to compare costs, security, and other processes. The panorama of organizations in the cloud nowadays is quite diverse and constantly evolving. 

Cloud computing has become an omnipresent technology in recent years, and organizations of all sizes and industries are embracing it for its flexibility, scalability, and cost-effectiveness.   Nowadays, Azure is the preferred cloud to 80% of enterprises, and even more businesses are migrating to it. 

There are several ways to adapt Microsoft Azure cloud to your organization, including: 

  • Utilizing it for server and storage needs 
  • Developing and deploying applications 
  • Leveraging its ready-to-use software applications 

Whatever your objective of adapting Azure to your organization might be, it’s crucial to identify and thoroughly understand your environment to find opportunities to optimize and modernize according to Microsoft’s best practices.

Help your organization detect risks, gain insights for optimization, and reduce your IT cost and complexity

Team Venti wants to help your organization optimize your IT environment through a Microsoft-funded assessment: Azure Migration Readiness evaluation. This evaluation will provide deep insights on your organization’s cloud and security health. As a rapid, data-backed consultative engagement, built to find opportunities to optimize, modernize, and provide clear pathways to decreasing the cost and complexity of your IT footprint and migration.  

What is an Azure Migration Readiness Evaluation?  

When choosing to leverage Azure for your organization or migrate your on-premises environment to Azure cloud, assessing the health of your IT infrastructure is crucial. Our goal is to help you gain insights into your IT environment that will help you decrease costs and simplify the complexity of your migration, providing clear pathways to success. In addition, said insights can help you identify opportunities to optimize, modernize, and streamline your migration process.  

Key Benefits of Azure Migration Readiness Evaluation 

Strengthen your cloud or start your Azure migration

For some time now, organizations have relied on cloud environments to support and sustain their operations. 

Therefore, companies should pay close attention to their cloud and security health when starting their Azure migration. With this Microsoft evaluation program, you will gain a holistic view of your IT environment, and better understanding of your needs and requirements.  

Evaluate your IT security protocols

Cyber-attacks are not new to the digital world. Just in the first semester of 2022, cyber-attack frequency increased 32%, making 1 out of 40 organizations world-wide vulnerable. Not only that, but these types of assaults cost companies an average of $1.85 million dollars 

Team Venti and Microsoft’s assessment program gather data about your organization’s environment to assist you in uncovering risk and reinforce vulnerable points. With this data, we can help you plan smartly with your Azure migration. 

Validate your internal business IT investments

Many organizations nowadays use plenty of unnecessary solutions resulting in high expenses. By evaluating your IT environment, we help you maximize your investment with comprehensive IT assets discovery and analytics. 

In addition, we can assist you by building a cost-effective Azure migration plan for your organization, based on our report recommendations, by removing redundancies, and ensuring what you have is what you need.

Proper planning is critical for organizations embarking on an Azure migration. By taking the time to analyze and evaluate your infrastructure, your organization can avoid potential disruptions and identify solutions that will optimize your operations. 

With a comprehensive assessment, Team Venti can recommend the best course of action for approaching your security, cloud, and IT environment. Speak to one of our agents to determine if your organization qualifies for our Microsoft-funded evaluation. 

Our goal is to provide you with the knowledge and resources you need to ensure a successful and seamless migration to Azure. Don’t let your organization fall behind in this rapidly evolving technological landscape – contact Team Venti and get the expertise and support you need to thrive.