The importance of a good Disaster Recovery Plan

Technology is crucial for organizations to thrive in the modern workplace. Nowadays we do everything digitally, so it is also crucial to make security a priority. There are mechanisms and tools, like a Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP), that help us ensure the continuity of your business. 

DRP’s allow organizations to keep functioning correctly, even after serious incidents. 

What is a Disaster Recovery Plan? 

A DRP is a series of actions and resources, which main goal is to function as a step by step guide in case a disaster occurs. These prevent any damage to the technological infrastructure of an organization.  

DRP’s allows businesses to act quickly and concisely, to minimize any damage and avoid downtime at the lowest cost and time possible. 

Why is it important to have one? 

In one of our previous articles, we talked about weather-related IT downtime and how infrastructure is always exposed to hazard situations. Natural disasters, outages, cyberattacks, and hardware/software errors can compromise datacenters and are beyond our control. 

DRP’s are the best resource to minimize damage and protect business continuity. 

Benefits of having a Disaster Recovery Plan 

It guarantees business continuity 

DRP’s avoid downtime in organization’s IT services, regardless of the nature or severity of the incident. If you count on a good DRP, your organization will be able to recover data and systems that are down in a short amount of time. 

Minimizes economical and information loss 

Having a low level of downtime minimizes economic and information losses. These are results of acting quickly and concisely. 

Boosts the quality of the service 

DRP’s allow organizations to offer their customers, providers, and partners higher quality customer service. This will communicate a more professional image and avoid interruption when interacting with external users. 

Prevents legal conflicts 

Certain types of incidents could expose organizational data and result in a GDPR breach. 

If an organization counts on a Disaster Recovery Plan, they will be able to act quickly, concisely, and effectively, to avoid compromising customer/organizational data and legal conflicts. 

Creating a DRP is crucial for any type of organization, since it is the best way to guarantee business continuity, regardless of incidents or cyber-attacks. 

Our team of Microsoft experts can help your organization create an effective DRP and reduce damage when facing any kind of issues, incidents, or attacks. 

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