Discover the benefits of Microsoft 365

Adapting a modern workplace with Microsoft 365 for your organization has multiple benefits. Previously known as Office 365, it has been a powerhouse for small and mid-sized businesses, as well as enterprises. In 2022, over a million companies worldwide trusted this hub to drive productivity and collaboration in their organizations. Microsoft 365 allows all kinds of teams to create, share, and collaborate with multiple different apps, even in hybrid or remote modalities. This platform is composed of Office apps, chat, call, meet up capabilities, as well as cloud storage, and Business-class email.

Key Benefits of Microsoft 365 via a CSP 

Acquiring Microsoft 365 with a CSP and Gold Microsoft Partner, such as Team Venti, has more benefits than the ones that would come to mind. As a leader, we understand your top priority is to provide your employees with the right assets to keep productivity and growth escalating. Therefore, Team Venti’s compromise is to help you achieve those objectives with the best tools possible.

Here, we present some of the primary benefits for your organization of acquiring Microsoft 365 through Team Venti

  • 6% cost savings vs. Microsoft direct on all CSP agreements
  • 4% cost savings vs. Microsoft direct on all Azure environments
  • Azure optimization services 
  • Professional and Managed services options 
  • Optional 24/7 tier 3 support
  • Ease of billing
  • Single invoice, once per month 
  • A fast, reliable, and available customer service 
  • Flexible licensing
  • Security for your sensitive data
  • Audit Assistance
  • Microsoft product testing 
  • True Microsoft expertise
  • Microsoft Volume Licensing available

As Gold Microsoft Certified Partner, our expertise consists of licensing, program questions, and configuration assistance. In addition, our resources and connections at Microsoft allow us to proactively watch for changes to licensing or programs, hottest innovative solutions, and major changes like Microsoft 365 cost increases.

Empower your employees to securely do their best work  

Team Venti can help your organization plan and deploy Microsoft 365 with a strong, reliable foundation. Our experts are with you in every step of the way, whether your organization is migrating to Microsoft 365, hardening your security, maximizing your subscription, or integrating advanced data governance. Schedule a meeting with one of our agents to get started.