Benefits of Working with a Gold Microsoft Partner 

Finding the right Microsoft Partner for your organization’s needs might seem intimidating. In a sea full of providers that promise different things, being able to identify the most suitable one is surely a challenging task. 

For instance, how to identify which ones will only help you with a specific task from the ones that can provide a robust catalog of solutions? Do you need a one-time service, or do you need constant support? Will you require hardware, software, or cloud infrastructure? Here we present to you the qualities you have to look for in a Microsoft Partner.

Microsoft Silver and Gold Partners

Microsoft recognizes partners with specific skills in two diverse types: Silver and Gold. For a business to achieve a Microsoft Silver Partner status, they must demonstrate a delimited performance ratio, pass through company training, quality of service, and customer care. In addition, the company must include at least two Microsoft Certified Professionals in your firm. Overall, Microsoft Silver Partners make up 5% of all Microsoft Partners. 

On the other hand, a more exclusive and prepared 1% of Microsoft Partners are granted the certification of Microsoft Gold Partners. To become one, businesses had to demonstrate their expertise in several aspects, like having at least 4 Microsoft-certified professionals. Not only that, but higher performance, training, proficiency in applications, infrastructure, business applications, AI, Azure, SQL, and modern workplace are required to be certified. 

Benefits of choosing a Microsoft Partner 

  • Expert support provided by an up-to-date team. All Microsoft Gold Partners are yearly challenged and examined to ensure their expertise level.
  • Quality services, supervised by a direct connection to Microsoft, with the fastest possible response times.
  • Make the most out of your money choosing a Microsoft Gold Partner, with high-end solutions at a cost-effective price. 
  • Azure experts that will help you migrate seamlessly from any Windows or Linux server

Team Venti is a Microsoft Gold Partner, the first Microsoft CSP Tier 1 Partner in the U.S., and proud Microsoft Partner of the Year five years consecutively. Having Microsoft Certified IT experts, we can provide many services you may consult here, such as:

  • Microsoft Infrastructure
  • Business Productivity
  • Microsoft Cloud Security
  • Microsoft Licensing
  • Managed Services
  • Unified Communications

Get your free consultation directly with one of our experts here, we are sure we will help you the best way a Microsoft Gold Partner can.