Microsoft 365 features can help you mitigate help desk costs by reducing the need for assistance in common everyday tasks such as password recollection, updates, and device management.

Help your team reduce help desk costs with Microsoft 365 by empowering your team members and optimizing aspects of tasks that may result in time-consuming activities and that can obstruct productivity.

In a recent publication, Sean Sweeney, Chief Security Advisor, Security Solutions Area for Microsoft, listed:

3 ways Microsoft 365 can help you reduce help desk costs:

  1. Reduce password reset calls by 75 percent: The best way to reduce password reset calls is to eliminate passwords entirely. Microsoft has built in support for passwordless authentication methods such as biometrics, FIDO-2 security keys, and PINs into all our products and services. Because they are encrypted and stored locally on your users devices, these methods are more secure than passwords and easier for employees—and they can reduce your costs. When Microsoft rolled out passwordless to our employees the hard and soft costs of supporting passwords fell by 87 percent
  2. Streamline Windows 10 upgrade path: To reduce dependencies without compromising security, turn on Microsoft Defender Antivirus and Microsoft Defender Advanced Threat Protection (Microsoft Defender ATP). Microsoft Defender ATP helps you protect, detect, and respond to advanced attacks against all your endpoints. Microsoft Defender Antivirus, a Microsoft Defender ATP capability, uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to find and block malware and other viruses. Both solutions are designed to work together and are integrated with Windows 10, which reduces the likelihood of helpdesk calls during the upgrade process.
  3. Empower uses to manage their devices: Microsoft Endpoint Manager makes it easier to provision, update, and manage personal and business laptops and mobile devices with support for Windows, MacOS, iOS, and Android Enterprise. Integration with Azure AD enables employees to use Microsoft Intune Portal to enroll both corporate-owned and personal devices without helpdesk intervention. Intune automatically installs appropriate apps, or you can allow employees to choose apps through the portal.



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