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In our recent article ‘’Why your company should use call recording’’, we discussed how your organization could gain from recording company calls in various situations. Whether it’s for improving quality, staying compliant, enhancing security, or meeting regulations, call records provide useful insights. Today, let’s dive into how Microsoft Teams call recording compliance can specifically help with industry’s regulations.

What is Microsoft Teams call recording compliance?

Companies in tightly regulated sectors such as finance, health, or insurance find significant advantages in employing call recording. To grasp its importance, let’s first define call recording compliance: it ensures that phone call recordings align with state and international laws.

While maintaining records of company calls is a potent tool, understanding the legality across different regions is paramount, given the varying laws at the state, country, or regional levels.

Compliance recording isn’t new in highly regulated industries, but it has evolved significantly with the rise of digital communication channels. This evolution is essential for meeting increasingly complex regulatory obligations, spanning from data capture to surveillance and reporting.

Usage of call recording compliance purposes

  • Comply with laws and regulations that apply to certain industries, such as finance and insurance (like the PCI-DSS, the new GDPR and MIFID II regulations).
  • Back up your employees or prove your customers right during a conflict.
  • Use records as evidence in case of facing a legal dispute.

The BlueSky Contact Center for Microsoft Teams

Modernize your operations and standardize all company communications on a single platform

The BlueSky Contact Center for Microsoft Teams

Modernize your operations and standardize all company communications on a single platform

How to choose the right Microsoft Teams call recording platform?

Here are certain features that you should seek when choosing which call recording platform to use.

  • Role-based and multi-level access control
  • Secure authentication procedure
  • Complete audit logs
  • Data encryption

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BlueSky UC as your Microsoft Teams call recording compliance solution

BlueSky UC Microsoft Teams Call Recording is a Microsoft-certified call recording and quality measurement solution designed to meet compliance regulations. It captures various types of calls, including audio, video, screens, and meetings, and provides business intelligence to improve sales and service performance.


1. Full communication capture: Capture all Teams communications, including audio, video, and screen sharing for compliance

2. Easy search & playback: Easily search and play back recordings with tags, flags, and notes. Integrate with Dynamics for CRM access

3. Robust security & disputes: Encrypt and store recordings for compliance needs, like MiFID II, Dodd-Frank, and HIPAA. Use recordings for audits or dispute resolution

4. GDPR compliance & reporting: Comply with GDPR by managing call recordings, deleting them as needed, and maintaining audit reports

Call recording is a powerful tool; however, it should not only be seen as a platform to gather evidence. As a company, we must be on track with laws in case a regulator comes knocking on our door, and call recording allows this.

Compliance recording in Microsoft Teams works seamlessly with modern technologies, as it is flexible and scalable. This feature completes your Teams voice deployment, and you can choose between company, department, or individual recording modes.

For detailed information about our call recording services and project scope, please contact us.

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