Call recording compliance

In our article ‘’Why your company should use call recording’’, we talked about 4 scenarios in which your organization would benefit if company calls were recorded. Data gathered from call records can be used for quality management, compliance, security, or regulatory purposes. Today we want to focus on the use of call recording for compliance. 

What’s call recording compliance? 

Companies from highly regulated industries, such as finance, health, or insurance, tend to benefit more from this usage of call recording. To understand why, we need to know what call recording compliance is. 

‘’It is the process of ensuring that the recording of phone calls is legally compliant with state/international laws and regulations’’ 

Although keeping records of your company calls can be a powerful tool, being aware of the legality of this process across the areas you’re working with is crucial. Keep in mind that laws vary from state, country, or region. 

While compliance recording is not a novelty in highly regulated industries. However, it has gone through a significant evolution, alongside the expansion of new digital communications channels. This is done to keep up with regulatory obligations that are more complex each time. From data capture to surveillance and reporting. 

Usage of call recording compliance purposes 

  • Comply with laws and regulations that apply to certain industries, such as finance and insurance (like the PCI-DSS, the new GDPR and MIFID II regulations).   
  • Back up your employees or prove your customers right during a conflict. 
  • Use records as evidence in case of facing a legal dispute. 

How to choose a call recording platform? 

Here are certain features that you should seek when choosing which call recording platform to use. 

  • Role-based and multi-level access control. 
  • Secure authentication procedure 
  • Complete audit logs 
  • Data encryption 


Call recording is a powerful tool; however, it should not only be seen as a platform to gather evidence. As a company, we must be on track with laws in case a regulator comes knocking on our door, and call recording allows this. 

Compliance recording in Microsoft Teams works seamlessly with modern technologies, as it is flexible and scalable. This feature completes your Teams voice deployment, and you can choose between company, depdepartment, individual recording modes. 

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