Why your company should use call recording

‘’Your call may be monitored or recorded’’, are you familiar with this phrase? This or some variations of it is usually heard at the beginning of a call when you try to contact an organization. 

Call recording has been a way for successful organizations to gather data for decades. This technology has been changing over the years. Nowadays, this service is often bundled with cloud-based systems, such as contact centers, coaching systems, or AI powered analytics. 

Call recording can be defined as the process of collecting audio from an ongoing call or conference call. Saved conversations give insights that may be used for quality management, compliance, or regulatory purposes. 

But why should I start recording my company calls? 

If you’re either from the financial, legal, healthcare, government, or any other industry, and regardless of the size of your organization, here are 4 reasons why your company should use call recording:

1. To improve customer service and employee performance 

According to a survey conducted by OrecX, 69% of businesses record their calls to ensure quality service and monitor their agents’ performance. It came out as the number one reason (among 80+ respondents) as to why businesses decide to record their calls. 

‘’Recording calls allows us to assess, review, calibrate, account for, monitor, and improve everything’’, a respondent of this survey said. 

Monitoring your employees’ activity will give you great insights to improve their performance. Nonetheless, it may also be used to identify positive patterns from high-performance agents, to replicate them later.

2. To improve your product/service 

Call recording helps you have closer and more direct access to your consumer’s mind. You can make better decisions on what to fix and how to fix it, by listening closely to their concerns with your current product or service. This helps meet regulations and improve brand trust.

3. To build a more accurate buyer persona

This goes hand in hand with improving your product or service. Listening to direct interaction with your customers can reveal real pain points, buying behaviors, and interests. This information can be of skillful use for marketing purposes.

4. To meet regulatory compliance requirements and solve/prevent legal disputes 

Call records can be used as evidence in case you’re facing a legal dispute. However, it can also be used to simply prove your organization is correctly following laws and procedures.

Companies from highly regulated industries, such as finance or insurance, tend to benefit more from these services. Still, this type of scenario may happen regardless of your business field. 

It is common that customers claim to have been promised certain things. Call recording can help your company decide either to back up your employee or prove your customer right. In any case, call recording will help your company grow and improve.

Whether it is for regulatory, compliance, quality management, or to document a conversation. With our Microsoft Teams recording services you can choose between company-wide, department-wide, or individual recording modes to fit your needs. 

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