Managed Services

Managed Services

Compete like an enterprise, spend like a startup

Introducing modern managed services by Team Venti

Level the playing field
Provide your IT staff and end-users with world-class technology and support

Services delivered by qualified expert staff
Have access to personalized  best in class IT support by trained professionals via a fractional cost model

Reduce risk
IT compliance and security automated monitoring

Managed systems health and performance
Higher availability that drives higher productivity

Control IT costs with a scalable opex model
Predictable monthly fees based on services usage let you manage IT resources as assets instead of costs

Up to date cloud-based technology
Quickly integrate new technology

Managed Services

Empower your employees to deliver non-stop productivity with secure, reliable computing monitored and managed by Team Venti.

Our managed services offerings feature:

See how easy it is to take the hassle out of supporting your users

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One provider
All your Microsoft Cloud Solutions