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of physical location

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Outstanding support for your remote workers

As a remote-first organization that supports clients with distributed workforces, we have developed expertise and best practices that we bring forth in our client’s projects.

Depending on your requirements, we can craft custom deployment plans or take advantage of packaged QuickStart service offerings. We help you shorten project timelines in the enablement of your remote work team without compromising security, manageability, or end user support.

Work remotely, from home or anywhere, on any device

Remote work makes the world an extension of your physical office, allowing you to work anywhere, from any device.

Access company data securely, manage identity, access controls and devices (both company’s and your own). You can also acquire a wide array of applications for business productivity.

Your company’s custom virtual office deployment might include:

Device management

Remotely monitor and manage company-issued and BYOD via the cloud using Microsoft Endpoint Manager

Microsoft productivity apps

Leverage Microsoft 365 and enable users to access resources and share files across the web whether mobile or desktop. Store and access content in the cloud by default, independent of OS

Collaboration and communication

Use Microsoft Teams for chat, meetings, VOIP calls, and collaboration. Microsoft Teams blurs the physical distance between workers and allows for real-time collaboration and communications

Extend or replace your PBX/phone system

Microsoft Teams allows workers to stay in touch via your company phone lines/auto attendant, from anywhere and on any device

Training and end user adoption

Successful programs for remote workers end user training, end user adoption, and best practices such as live employee training

Help desk support​

​Provide remote workers with ongoing technical assistance and support

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